Transform Your Hollywood Home Living Experience With Sliding Glass Doors

Hollywood is the district within the city of Los Angeles where you will find the best views. People living in Hollywood are always looking for ways to involve more nature in their lives. Cover Glass has brought them a chance to improve their living experience by installing sliding glass doors in their homes. Cover Glass has achieved the pinnacles of success in the industry, thanks to its extensive range of reliable products.
Frameless glass doors and windows manufactured by Cover Glass offer a perfect way to ventilate your homes. You can relish the beautiful views of nature while sitting in your home. Sliding glass doors can make your summer season a memorable and easy one by letting a cool breeze rush through the door and ventilate the interior of your home. In winter, you can insulate the heat by shutting off the sliding glass door. With Cover Glass, you welcome a new world of architectural possibilities.
Apart from sliding glass doors, we also offer sliding glass windows which are a perfect amalgam of innovation and functionality. You can install them in your kitchen and get benefited. More to the folding glass doors and windows is given as under.

Our installation Process

At Cover Glass USA we do all of our own install in house there's no subcontracting and we will by far be the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We control the whole process as we're the manufacturer and we're the installer, so you'll be working directly with us the entire time and we're not waiting on anybody else for any of our parts.

And We do a two step install where will be able to install the tracks and the side jambs so the perimeter of your system in one business day, we can do up to four openings in one business day, then the very same day we will take exact laser measurements of your glass sizes that will all get ordered the same day and the glass will be ready within roughly ten to twelve business days and at that time the glass will be installed at your home and the system will be completed.

We will turn quicker than anybody in the industry as we control all of those points of delivery, extrusions, parts, materials and labor are all under our umbrella which we offer directly to you.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

 Looking into home from patio with open del mar

Sliding glass doors and windows are of no use if they are not secure enough. Everyone knows that doors and windows are most liable to attack therefore they need robust construction. Cover Glass has taken all these factors into account and therefore installed an Internal locking hardware system that consists of deadbolt locks at the top and bottom of the frameless glass doors.
You also get the luxury of installing the lock on every panel if you want the utmost safety. As the sliding glass doors are a link to your interior and outdoor space, they should ensure maximum protection and security. You can keep your trust in Cover Glass as far as safety is concerned.

Looking outside living room frameless glass patio doors

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to increase the property value of your home, and sliding glass doors are one of them. These smooth and noiseless products are a must-have in every home. Their energy-efficient features can save you the electricity bills of AC and heaters. Their innovative style and working mechanism can attract a lot of people to your neighborhood. Research shows that more and more residents at Laguna Beach are installing sliding glass doors and windows in their homes and it’s not difficult to see why. There is no end to the advantages provided by frameless glass doors.

Patio with open frameless glass doors

Most homeowners install sliding glass doors in their homes for the sole purpose of proper ventilation. Normally you love to open windows during warm months. Imagine the impact of opening sliding glass doors during such months. They can improve the amount of airflow at a significant level by removing all the stuffiness in your home.

You will get a new refreshing feel after you install frameless glass doors.
 Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open Sliding Glass patio doors san diego

The best benefit of sliding glass doors over the traditional swinging doors is that they do not take up the space of your room. Instead, they increase the space by replacing the wall and creating an optical illusion. Residents of Costa Mesa are always looking for ways to make their homes more spacious and roomy. Cover Glass is there to meet their needs by bringing them frameless glass doors that run from the ground to the ceilings and occupy just one inch per panel.

Beautiful view from inside home through Del mar

In modern times of inflation, everyone is looking for energy-efficient ways to live. The wonderful ventilation provided by sliding glass doors keeps you from using Air Conditioners in summers and thus cutting your electricity bills short. You might not even feel the need to use electric heaters in winters because the tempered glass used in frameless glass doors provides incredible insulation to the heat and warmth in your home. Cover Glass also brings an option of using recycled wood sliding glass doors if you want to go green.

Features of Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless folding French Walls

Sliding glass doors are generally a great fit for all homes but they are perfect for smaller homes with low ceilings. It’s not wrong that there are some advantages associated with smaller spaces but you can still feel congested in there. This is particularly the case for narrow homes and condos that just have windows at the front and back of their homes. The sliding glass door can illuminate the whole space if it is installed at the rear of the home.
Another wonderful feature of folding glass doors is that there is no need for additional room for their full operation. You can just glide them horizontally along an existing track and they will open wide.

Most of you associate the safety and security of your home’s windows and doors with their tangible components like the quality of the materials used in construction or the strength of their locks. But the factor that you might ignore is the level of visibility provided by the sliding glass doors.
If you are not anticipating any company or delivery, you should be cautious of any unknown face you see through the glass. There are no surprises because of enhanced visibility by Cover Glass sliding doors. You get the absolute opportunity to see what’s going on before you decide to open the door. You can also keep an eye on pets playing in the yard by folding glass doors.

It all depends on the design of the sliding glass door how it manages the total weight from the underside of the header. A top-hung system keeps you from not lifting an important security aspect i.e a panel. It also protects the system from getting tough to slide.

As a result of each sliding glass door panel sliding individually, Cover Glass has manufactured sliding glass doors that have incredible ability to open and close the system. With the endless options to open the glass door, you benefit the most. Most of the homeowners want to wide open the glass doors in summer to allow complete ventilation. Some of them create small air gaps when entertaining. Cover Glass meets all your needs by bringing a wide range of options for you and your family.


Having a steering track designed as per the modern requirements, the upper and lower profile of sliding glass doors make the doors sturdy and firm. The top hung system suspends the track and the lower base provides support to the track. The panels are fixed into the glazing channels by using stainless steel fasteners.
We have an option for our customers that lets them customize the color of the lower profile with their finished flooring on either side. They can pick the color of their own choice and place an order.

The installation of sliding glass doors in your home involves the collaborative work of our team with your contractor. We are always looking out for you, therefore, we contact your contractor and get rid of any kind of hindrance that is stopping the installation.
It consists of two phases:

Phase 1

The first phase of installation begins as soon as the rough opening is ready. First of all, we weatherproof the track and then move towards its installation. Then, we take the laser measurements and contact the head office of Cover Glass to place an order for the sliding glass door. The processing and shipping can take 10-12 days at the most.

Phase 2

The second phase of installation cannot start unless we have delivered the product from our supplier. This phase is all about the installation of the frameless glass door. We can install it anywhere you want us to. It can be in the outdoor or indoor of your home, whichever location suits your needs the best. 18 feet of track is worked on every working day. The total duration of installation takes almost a month which can be variable because of busy schedules and ongoing projects of Cover Glass.

Cover Glass is aware of the significant losses caused by rain and sun. Therefore, we have come up with translucent UV-protected channels that keep your loved ones safe from harmful radiation. These channels are also ideal for providing safety to your precious property. Cover Glass has improved the aesthetics and functionality of its sliding glass doors in the following ways:

Interlocking Channels

The interlocking channels are the key factor behind the stability of sliding glass doors as they offer the proper seal between the panels. They are also UV protected to keep the product safe from damaging sun rays.
Depending on the needs of your property, we drill drainage holes at the lowest point of the trench and allow water to drain out of the panel. Usually, each slab is drilled with a drainage hole, but this can vary depending on the project we are working on.

UV Protection

Everyone is aware of the harmful effects of radiation entering the interior of your home and damaging furniture and floors. That’s why Cover Glass has applied an extra layer of UV protection on the outside of the sliding glass panels. Your peace of mind is Cover Glass’s top concern.
Cover Glass is the brand that is offering its clients everything they are looking for. The reliability and performance of sliding glass doors are unmatched. You are just a call away from getting the frameless glass door of your choice and demand. You can surf the website of Cover Glass to get more information on this article.

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