Transform Your Long Beach Home Living Experience With Sliding Glass Doors

Over the past few years, a large population of people has shifted to Long Beach to stay close to nature. People want to have a life that is more natural and green. The expanse of nature at Long Beach is uncanny and people want to get unobstructed views of the landscape while staying home. Therefore, they are always looking for ways to get in touch with their surroundings. Cover Glass has brought an easy solution to the problems of residents at Long Beach. We manufacture sliding glass doors that stand the test of time in every weather.

The installation of sliding glass doors in your home is done by our very own crew members that ensure the safety and protection of your property. You can also install sliding glass windows in your kitchen to get more of this product. We offer many options to facilitate your living experience.

In this article, we will talk about the features and advantages of sliding glass doors.

Our installation Process

At Cover Glass USA we do all of our own install in house there's no subcontracting and we will by far be the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We control the whole process as we're the manufacturer and we're the installer, so you'll be working directly with us the entire time and we're not waiting on anybody else for any of our parts.

And We do a two step install where will be able to install the tracks and the side jambs so the perimeter of your system in one business day, we can do up to four openings in one business day, then the very same day we will take exact laser measurements of your glass sizes that will all get ordered the same day and the glass will be ready within roughly ten to twelve business days and at that time the glass will be installed at your home and the system will be completed.

We will turn quicker than anybody in the industry as we control all of those points of delivery, extrusions, parts, materials and labor are all under our umbrella which we offer directly to you.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

 frameless glass doors slightly open Sliding Glass doors in long beach

Most homeowners install sliding glass doors in their homes just to illuminate their rooms with natural sunlight for maximum hours of the day. The oversized glass panels of Cover Glass allow a significant amount of light into your room and brighten up your environment. You get to receive the most from nature. You might not even feel the need to turn on the lights all day. There goes a reduction in your electricity costs.

Looking outside from living room frameless glass patio doors

After you install sliding glass doors in your homes, you are promised to get enhanced ventilation and a refreshing breeze. If you have accidentally burnt the turkey at Thanksgiving, just wide open your sliding glass door and let go of the smell.

Homeowners who frequently pedal away on their exercise bikes would love to have a sliding glass door in their homes. They can simply slide open the door when it’s a hard time staying in the zone with rising humidity in the exercise room. There is a high chance of you going the extra mile with constant fresh air coming through the sliding glass door.

Patio with open frameless doors

Cover Glass ensures the privacy and security of your home in every possible way.

We use high-quality tampered glass that prevents the attack of any hard object or intruder into your home.

You can trust Cover Glass with the safety system of your home. We have also installed two deadbolt locks at the top and bottom of the channel. You can lock the door before you go to sleep. Nothing can uproot the panel out of its track.

We also give you an option where you can install a lock on every panel.  You can choose any option that suits your lifestyle and needs.

 Looking into home from patio with open Sliding Glass patio doors san diego

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the harmful effects caused by UV radiation on human health and even furniture and carpets. Therefore, homeowners are always searching for ways to keep their property safe and health unaffected by the damaging rays. Covering a glass has got you covered in this aspect too.

The glass manufactured at Cover Glass is made with Low-E technology. There is no way for the UV radiations to pass through that glass because of its UV-protected translucent coating. Now you can let the refreshing air into your home and reduce your energy consumption. Cover Glass knows how to meet your domestic needs by manufacturing energy-efficient sliding glass doors that last years.

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass patio doors san diego

Sliding glass doors are an amazing option to increase the property value of your home. They are probably the first thing people look at whenever they visit your home. You can slide open and close them effortlessly without making any noise. They make it easy for you to enter and leave the room whenever you have to.

If you are having a BBQ party on your lawn and you have to move in and out constantly, your problem can be solved with sliding glass doors.

Features of Sliding Glass Doors

There are so many features of sliding glass doors long beach that make them one of the most renowned products on the market. Some of the most common features are mentioned as under:

Frameless folding French Walls

The weight of the entire door is managed by the top hung system. The latter is your ultimate in smooth threshold transitions. A unique top hat is incorporated in the sill of sliding glass doors to minimize any risks of trips and falls. The top-hung system of Cover Glass successfully complies with disability access regulations.

The easy opening, closing, and stacking of your sliding glass door are going to attract many neighbors of yours. The top-hung slider requires almost little to no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the door frequently as well because of its efficient mechanism that keeps the tracks dirt-free. Besides, you can easily access the wheels because of the boxed-in design.

The function of sliding glass doors is to give you maximum clarity of natural views without creating any hindrance. Their glass is made of high-quality materials and the channels are made of translucent polycarbonate substances. The tempered glass allows a lot of light in the room to create a comfortable and cost environment around you

Cover Glass has manufactured sliding glass doors that stand second to no other product in functionality and flexibility. You can open each panel based on your individual needs. In summers, you would like to wide open the glass panel for thorough ventilation. In winters, you can just create a little air gap for ventilation and keep the rest of the door shut for insulation of heat. It’s really up to you.

Some of the custom sliding door options offered by Cover Glass are enlisted as under:

2-panel sliding glass doors

3-panel sliding glass doors

4-panel sliding glass doors

We also have variable options for sliding glass windows:

2 lite slider windows

3 lite slider windows

Removable sliding panels are probably the favorite feature of the customers of Cover Glass. The reason is that people have to move in and out of a lot of stuff and they want to do it with ease. Unlike the traditional small doors, sliding glass doors provide a huge space for you to transport your refrigerator, sofas, bed frames, etc into or out of your home. Simply remove the panel and make transportation possible. You will realize that a few inches of space can make a lot of difference. Also get a chance to clean the tracks when you remove the panels.

Technical Information on Sliding Glass Doors

Most homeowners like to read more about sliding glass doors before buying them. Some of the relevant information about frameless glass doors is given as follows:

Sliding glass doors have a very simple process of installation which involves the crew of Cover Glass to carry on the process of installation. Take the necessary information concerning the project from your contractor and get on with the process as soon as we can.

And we get rid of all the hindrances beforehand so that can we complete the process in time. We clear the header and sides before we begin the process.

 Also cut into the floor before recessing the bottom track. There are two major steps involved in the installation procedure.

Step 1

The first step consists of making the frameless sliding glass weatherproof. Afterward, we move on to installing the top and bottom track. Our dedicated staff deals with the drainage problem in this very step by installing drainpipes and drilling weep holes to make way for the rainwater and pressure water.

Step 2

The customers can place the order to Cover Glass by sending the appropriate measurements and color preferences. They can get the product delivered to their doorstep in 10-12 days. Our supplier delivers the sliding glass door to the clients as soon as he receives it from us.

Afterward, the crew of Cover Glass can start the installation process. They work on 18 feet of the track every business day and thereby complete the process in almost four weeks. The total time can face variations because Cover Glass already has pre-existing projects going on.

Cover Glass realizes the importance of drainage of rainwater. We do not want your property to face any kind of damage. There are very own staff makes way for the rainwater in two ways:

Drilling Weep Holes

We drill individual holes at the lowest point at the front of the track. Usually, we drill one hole per panel but the number can differ as per the project we are working on.

Installing Drain Pipes

Drainpipes are another way to manage the problem of unnecessary rainwater hitting your glass panel. Make sure you guide the crew about the location where most of the water accumulates.

It has become mandatory to weatherproof the glass because of increasing concerns about the UV radiations coming from the sun. You can adopt one of the following ways to protect yourself and your property from the potentially damaging effects of UV rays:

UV protected interlocking channels

Sealed tracks

Track drains

Glazed channels

It is always best to make arrangements before the foul weather. If you don’t weatherproof the glass, your furniture and carpet will have to suffer the consequences. Make sure that there is a UV protected layer added to the exterior of your sliding glass channels.


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