Transform Your Montecito Home Living Experience With Sliding Glass Doors

Whoever purchases a home in Montecito wants to get the most of the wide landscape. Cover Glass San Diego brings a wonderful transformation in the living experience of homeowners. Our gorgeously unique frameless sliding glass doors open the home and give the homeowners a sightline that is not obstructed by heavy frames of any kind. Our glass doors are an amazing addition to your architectural composition. In addition, they bolster your interior design and enhance the sophistication of your home.

Our installation Process

At Cover Glass USA we do all of our own install in house there's no subcontracting and we will by far be the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We control the whole process as we're the manufacturer and we're the installer, so you'll be working directly with us the entire time and we're not waiting on anybody else for any of our parts.

And We do a two step install where will be able to install the tracks and the side jambs so the perimeter of your system in one business day, we can do up to four openings in one business day, then the very same day we will take exact laser measurements of your glass sizes that will all get ordered the same day and the glass will be ready within roughly ten to twelve business days and at that time the glass will be installed at your home and the system will be completed.

We will turn quicker than anybody in the industry as we control all of those points of delivery, extrusions, parts, materials and labor are all under our umbrella which we offer directly to you.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Patio with open frameless glass doors

It is enlightening to imagine a Montecito skyline unobstructed by glaring frames. Everyone wants to open their home to a continuous and soothing architectural composition. Our frameless sliding glass doors have made it possible for homeowners to enjoy wide-open views of nature and the lush green hills of their landscape.

Looking outside living room frameless glass patio doors

There are several innovative house plan designs in Montecito. With frameless sliding glass doors, there is a significant increase in the property value of your home. You also get the attractive modern touch you always wanted to have in your interior.
Research shows that our customers across Montecito love to install sliding glass doors to add real value to their homes. The reason is that frameless sliding glass doors are a new way to optimize open floor plans and bring revolutionary enhancement to the liveable space. It’s time you said goodbye to traditional French doors and welcome an open concept design that expands the view outside.

 Looking into home from patio with open del mar

As you know that sliding glass opens up simply by one door sliding over the other panel. Therefore, they do not need extra space for the door arc. They can operate without the hinge.

 Looking into home from patio with open del mar

The frameless glass used by Cover Glass takes only 1inch per panel when stacked, thereby, giving the thinnest stack possible.

Cover Glass is known to provide the most unobtrusive glass opening in the industry.

Homeowners with French sliding doors would know that those doors leave you with just 40% of opening accessible.

 Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open Sliding Glass patio doors san diego

The best thing about folding glass doors is that you receive a lot of light. You can enjoy light in winter all day long because large glass panes run from top to the bottom of each door panel.

 Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open Sliding Glass patio doors san diego

Low-E(low emissivity) technology is yet another wonderful feature of our sliding glass doors. Unlike traditional clear glazing, we offer you a quality product that is equipped with the latest low-E technology. Low-E glass is covered with a thin coating that reflects the heat to the inside whenever it tries to escape to the outside. The reverse is true for the summer season. It won’t be wrong to say that low-E glass works like a thermos. In this way, you can keep your home warm in winter and cold in summer. Besides, it also ensures that your family is protected from harmful UV and infrared radiations coming from the sun. Not only your health but your furniture is also kept safe with the help of sliding glass doors

Beautiful view from inside home through Del mar

No matter which state you are living in, your first and foremost concern is to ensure the security of your home. Well, Cover Glass is here to offer you reliable solutions to your problems. The glass used in the construction of Cover Glass folding glass panels is way stronger and more advanced than regular glass. There is no chance of your frameless glass getting destroyed with blunt force objects. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions with its ability to resist 222mph of wind without any problem.

Features of Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless folding French Walls

Energy efficiency is not just limited to electrical appliances these days. Folding glass doors can also be energy efficient because their glazing can reduce the harmful effects of UV radiation on your property and the health of your children.

Flexible track design is yet another amazing feature of frameless glass doors. This feature is crucial because it fits the sliding glass door into whichever location you want. Most people want the glass door in the kitchen while others might put it up on the patio. It all depends on personal choices. The sky is the limit. Our dedicated staff can put it up wherever you will ask us to.

If you are looking for the ultimate in smooth threshold transitions, this is it. Your search ends here. With a Cover Glass top hung sliding glass door, it is a breeze to make the transition from inside to out. Designers have incorporated a unique top hat in the sill of this door to minimize any risks of trips and falls. The top hung system also complies successfully with disability access regulations.
Your visitors are also going to love the sliding glass door installed in your home because of the effortless opening, stacking, and closing of the frameless glass door. Another interesting factor to look at is the wheel assembly of the top hung system. It is crucial for keeping the mechanism clean and dirt-free. You don’t have to face any problem with the maintenance of the top-hung slider either. It’s because of the boxed-in design which makes easy access to wheels possible.

Our folding glass doors have made a name in the market because of their outstanding flexibility and exceptional functionality. The individual sliding of each glass panel gives you seamless ability to open the glass system completely, creating air gaps for ventilation, and more. It’s up to you whether you want to open one panel or combine the two panels in the center. You get plenty of options. You just have to choose the one that meets your needs.

Unlike other frameless glass doors, our standard locking hardware offers an additional layer of security to your doors. There are two deadbolts, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the first opening panel. Their secure lock system reduces any chances of forced entry through your door. It is nearly impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access to your home because of the robust security system.

The magnetized technology used in glass ensures the stacking of panels. There is no chance of your glass doors moving out of place whenever a strong gust of wind strikes your door. You don’t have to worry about the shattering of your glass or track if someone happens to walk into them inattentively.

Another great feature of our sliding glass doors is the counter height system which is perfect for operable windows. It also acts as an ideal pass-through opening whenever you are entertaining guests outdoors. You can easily make conversations from the inside to the outside with the seamless pass created by the counter height system. There is a significant increase in countertop space with this amazing yet practical feature.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

The upper and lower profile of sliding glass doors is an important component as it provides maximum protection to their edges along with greater resistance to its structure. Made of aluminum, it prevents any addition of weight to the door. It also keeps the door from corrosion and friction wear.
The steering rack in the upper and lower profile is well designed. It is suspended from the top hung position. The lower base also offers gentle support to the track. Each piece of frameless glass panel perfectly fits into the glazing channels, thus ensuring a seamless glass make-up.

The installation process of sliding glass doors is not as difficult as it sounds. We work together with your contractor and bring the best out of installation. Cover Glass Solana Beach takes all the necessary precautions considering the lifespan of sliding glass doors and their functionality. There are two basic steps in the installation of sliding glass doors:

Step 1

The first step consists of installing the track. Make sure that the track is made weatherproof. Now drill the holes for drainage. Drilling holes is important because the positioning of tracks is not possible until the drilling is completed. Now measure the space for glass installation by the phase-shift method.
We also give you options of color variety in lower profiles. After completing the process of taking measurements and color preferences, we send your desired sliding glass door to our suppliers and they deliver it to your home for installation.

Step 2

If the folding glass door is not instantly delivered to your home, do not worry about it because it can take as many as 10-12 days to reach your home. The total time of installation can be different because Cover Glass is usually stuffed because of customer demands and pre-existing schedules.

There are two methods of drainage at Cover Glass:

• Drilling Weep Holes

This method drains the excessive water through individual holes at the base of the track.

Installing Drain Pipes

Before beginning the installation of drain pipes, assess the area so that you can have an idea of the ideal size and angle of piping. You can also take notice of how many pipes are required for optimal drainage. The pipes are attached to the lower track and there is one pipe for every panel. Now, move on to running the drainage pipes to your desired location.

The UV-protected weather-strip technology used by Cover Glass seals your system and protects your property in every possible way. It prevents moisture or wind to get through the glass.

Questions About Our System?

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