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Unique Bifold Patio Doors Las Vegas Will Love

Over the last thirty years Cover Glass Las Vegas has assisted with providing stunning frameless bifold patio doors Las Vegas for a variety of individual, not just architects or builders, but also homeowners just looking to open their space.

Whether it's styling up the latest hotspot hotels on the Las Vegas strip with our frameless folding glass doors or giving the local suburban homes a different way to keep cool during those heatwaves, Our frameless bifold patio doors and windows provides a new way of functionality that you've probably never thought was possible.

There's more than enough to working about when it comes to a home or business remodel or renovation. That is why when you choose Cover Glass Las Vegas to handle the folding glass door system for your project, we take care of everything from the manufacturing to the installation and we also can guarantee that we will beat any other bifold door companies turnaround time. We stand by our product and service 100%. Learn more about our one-of-a-kind frameless sliding glass door system and please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Benefits of bifold patio doors Las Vegas

Looking outside living room bifold patio doors las vegas

Gone are the days where frames are needed to support your sliding glass door openings causing obstructions to the beautiful Sierra Nevada sunsets at dawn or blocking your lovely dining experience on the Las Vegas Strip.

Give your guests that “WOW” factor when they visit your home or business and see nothing but clear open space that will make them feel like they just hit the jackpot.

With frameless bifold patio doors Las Vegas, your options for customization are as endless and spectacular-looking views of the world out there.

bifold Patio doors with open frameless glass doors

A great high stakes bet to increase the worth of your home and add esthetic value would be to add our folding glass doors to your property. Adding these frameless sliding glass doors to your home or business would be like playing craps with loaded dice, you’re guaranteed to win every time you see them in action.

Looking into home from bifold patio doors with open frameless glass doors

The party just got a lot more interesting with our frameless bifold glass doors and the incredibly slim panels! With Cover Glass Las Vegas, you can have an unforgettable event and not worry about cramming all your guests into one space. 

The one inch thickness of these hinged panels makes them the thinnest stack in their industry. This allows you to open up your home for backyard pool parties on blistering summer days or busy restaurants wanting an extra table under those glowing neon lights Las Vegas has become known as much too!

bifold Patio doors las vegas with three frameless glass doors slightly open

Cover Glass’ frameless windows and doors offer a solution to the problem of ventilation during summer in Las Vegas. The panels can be opened up for early morning breezes, but then closed down when it gets too hot outside so that you don't have heat escaping from your home or business

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless bifold patio doors las vegas

Homes and businesses deserve the best protection. With our folding glass panels, you can rest easy knowing that not only will your property be protected from intruders but also any blunt force objects like golf balls! The strong tempered safety glasses are 5x stronger than regular ones which means they’ll withstand those afternoon winds without breaking or prescriptions throwing off their structural integrity in anyway

Single-track systems may be able to lift from the track, but not with our sliding glass wall system! It locks securely into place from the inside making tampering virtually impossible!

Looking into home through frameless bifold patio glass doors

The weather in Nevada is unpredictable. We have sweltering summers and cold winters, which can be difficult to manage given the harsh climate here on our side of America's West Coast - but we're always ready with solutions! Our advanced Low-E glass technology will improve your property’s energy efficiency no matter what time or season. The microscopic layers of metal oxides on our glass panels make them higher quality than traditional clear glazed windows and doors.

With our exclusive glass technology, the harmful UV rays from Nevada's hot sun will never reach inside your home. This protects you and those who live with us against cracking furniture or premature aging - it’s a win-win!

FEATURES of folding glass doors

Frameless Glass Walls

As a top hung glass manufacturer, we make it easy to open and close with our frameless system. With sturdy tracks or beams hidden in the ceiling for support of weight from beneath , you can easily glide your doors without any effort!

The top-hung system is a track that allows for easy access to the mechanism and its components, making maintenance much simpler. The enclosed wheel assembly keeps dirt out while gravity decides how often they need cleaning thanks again in part due this design's suspended state!

Top hung bifold patio doors Las Vegas are advantageous because they allow you to set the tracks flush with ground level, which eliminates tripping over ledges and cleaning nooks.

With our state-of the art frameless glass, you'll experience a new level of clarity that few homeowners enjoy today. We use a UV protected translucent polycarbonate channel which tightly seals between panels to provide your room with an unparalleled view!

We're able to install custom frameless sliding glass door for any interior or exterior location you can imagine, with a unique specialization in creating beautiful and functional openings. The only limit is your creativity!

When you need a door that can meet your needs, the folding glass doors from our company are just right. Our innovative design allows for seamless flexibility and functionality with an individual slide-in panel system--you choose how much or little air flow to let in!

We have a  unique standard locking system that is nothing like what’s on the marketing with other frameless sliding glass doors. 

We like to keep our home safe and secure, so we use two deadbolts: one at the top of the opening panel and one at the bottom.

Unlike other glass door systems that have floating handles or button panels on them for ease-of access from without, these doors deliver maximum protection by keeping potential intruders completely out!

We also offer locks that can be opened by key or handle for those who want an easy way in. For more security, you could opt to have all the doors locked at once with a master lock installed on each panel!

We make sure the frameless glass doors remain in place thanks to magnetized technology, so no one will walk into them or be pushed away by a strong gust of wind.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

The frameless glass system is suspended from the top-hung position and gently supported by a lower base. This unique design offers stainless steel fasteners at both ends, which ensure each piece fits securely into place with no gaps or loose items showing through on either side of your vehicle's interior decorating scheme!

The benefits of our track system are endless, including being able to customize your flooring with different colors for an interior design that matches exactly how you want it. Not only does the profile come in various lower depths but also top and side jambs can be covered too!

Closeup of glass door meeting wooden floor

The installation of our frameless glass doors is a very simple two-step process. However, we will need any obstruction to be removed before beginning this project which includes having the header and sides exposed as well!

We can recess the bottom track so that it matches with your flooring. All we need your contractor to do is provide us with a cut into our floor, and we will work together on getting everything ready for installation!

Step 1: installation begins with waterproofing the frameless glass, installing top and bottom tracks for safety reasons. Once this is complete we'll measure out your tempered sheet from one of our suppliers so that it can be custom cut to fit perfectly!

Step 2: The installation process for our sliding glass doors is quite simple. Once we have acquired the materials from the supplier, they will be fitted into tracks and completed within one day per 18 feet of track making the total lead time of just under a month. This of course can vary depending on a variety of factors like current working schedule, delay caused by the pandemic, customer demands, etc.

Large truck carrying frameless glass windows

Cover Glass is committed to providing the best customer service possible, which starts with us doing our own draining. We can either drill weepholes or install special drains called "drainpipes." at the bottom of the system. 

It's important for water to be able flow easily off of its surface, so we drill individual holes at the base of our tracks and allow any liquid contact with it.

For drainpipes, we utilize the same lower profile of our track as weep holes and attach connectors to pipes with a low-level design. This ensures that if any water hits it will trickle down into the drainage system where you can remove efficiently or properly without worrying about damaging your home's exterior!

View of drain system created for Cover Glass USA glass doors

Our company is committed to providing you with the best protection possible. We use special polycarbonate UV protected weatherstrips that completely seal your system and protect both yourself as well any other property around it from moisture, wind or air intrusion by creating an automatic interlocking when two glass panels come together at H-channel joints which prevents anything from leaking in or out. 

This also means their products have been tested for durability so they'll be able withstand wear over time without compromising safety like some less expensive brands might do after just 1 season!

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