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A sliding door system from Cover Glass USA is the ideal way to improve the aesthetic and practicality of your Chambers County home while also taking advantage of its breathtaking views. These doors are intended to merge your interior and outdoor spaces, resulting in a useful and elegant living space that allows you to completely appreciate the surrounding views. A sliding door system from Cover Glass USA is the ideal addition to any home wishing to improve its aesthetic appeal, thanks to its customisable design and high-quality construction.

Sliding doors from Cover Glass USA are not only beautiful, but they also have a number of practical advantages. These doors are extremely energy-efficient, allowing you to keep your home pleasant all year while minimizing your energy expenditures. They are also designed to give optimum security and weather protection, ensuring that your home is safe and secure at all times. A sliding door system from Cover Glass USA is a wise investment that will add value to your home for years to come because to its durable design and long-lasting performance.

Overall, a sliding door system from Cover Glass USA is the ideal option for your home in Chambers County if you want to create a beautiful and practical living area that optimizes your home's potential. These doors will surpass your expectations thanks to their adaptable design, useful features, and long-lasting performance. They will also offer something lovely and useful to the already stunning views from your home.


Looking outside bedroom doors

Because of its durable and long-lasting tempered glass construction, minimal framing that allows for bigger glass panels, and the breathtaking natural surroundings of Chambers County that can be experienced through the clear glass, a frameless sliding door made of cover glass can provide an uninterrupted view.

Patio with open frameless glass doors

Our glass doors are ideal for our clients' homes because they add an air of opulence to their surroundings. They have distinctive architectural designs that enhance the visual appeal of our customers' real estate. Furthermore, their lovely picture broadens the open floor plan while adding valuable living room.

Looking into home from patio

Our patio sliding doors have an easy-to-use design that enables a completely open system. Each panel only occupies 1 inch of area when stacked. Even in strong gusts, our magnetizing door stops maintain the panels' tight connection. Your movable doors are secured and are prevented from moving erratically by doing this. When your doors are completely open, our system will give you a clear, unimpeded view.

Patio with three doors slightly open

By opening the glass panes of Cover Glass during the summer, you can effectively ventilate your home, and by closing them midway through the winter, you can retain heat. We found that using individual sliding panels to regulate airflow is the best way to ventilate your home in any season. Our system allows you to control the amount of airflow in your house, guaranteeing year-round comfort.

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors

Our premium panels are tamper-proof due to our clever locking system, stopping intruders and even the breeze from removing them from their tracks, lifting them off your window panes, or shattering the glass. No uninvited guests will be able to enter your house due to the activated mechanism required to open and close the windows without gaps. When you use frameless glass from Cover Glass, you can rest assured that you are secure from even the strongest winds and potential attackers.

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Because we value ease at Cover Glass, we've incorporated Low-E technology into our frameless glass. Unlike traditional silicate or Plexiglas coatings, which require more energy to maintain, this technology cuts energy usage by half. Because it provides greater protection from all heat sources, our frameless glass will save you money on cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Because our glass is UV-resistant, you will be protected from harmful UV radiation on sunny days outside.

FEATURES of folding glass doors

It should not be difficult to open and close a door, which is why we've made it easy and smooth with frameless glass. Our sliding system employs a top-hung wheel assembly that moves along concealed ceiling beams inside sturdy tracks. This maintains the system clean and tidy, with no possible tripping hazards or hazardous components. Maintenance is also easy and quick because all components are easily accessible. Our top-hung frameless sliding glass door eliminates all cleaning and tripping hazards by creating a seamless passage between rooms, eliminating the need for ledges and hooks. You can carry out your responsibilities while maintaining the interior design of your house.

Low-E glass can change the appearance of your home, with homeowners noticing its clarity immediately after installation. In situations where UV protection is critical, frameless glass is necessary. Our sliding patio doors are made of high-quality materials such as clear polycarbonate channels that are securely sealed and have no gaps between them. This ensures maximum light penetration while keeping our loved ones secure and comfortable. Our frameless glass strikes the perfect balance of style, utility, and safety.

Cover Glass has installed frameless sliding glass doors in a variety of internal and exterior settings, and each installation has resulted in complete client happiness with our cutting-edge designs. Our specialty is building one-of-a-kind entrances that exceed our customers' standards. With the help of our skilled designers, who have years of experience installing frameless sliding doors both inside and outside, your dreams can become a reality. Allow us to create a beautiful and functional addition to your home or company.

Folding glass doors from Cover Glass work better than anything else on the market due to their adaptability and utility. Each panel has a sliding mechanism that lets you open it fully or leave gaps for air to flow through, depending on your needs. You can leave one slide closed while opening the other to let in more fresh air. Your comfort is our top concern, and with our adaptable bi-fold door system you can regulate the airflow in your house. You can rely on us to give you the best solution for your entrance needs.

Our frameless glass doors emphasize security with an internal locking system that includes two deadbolts at the top and bottom, as well as the choice to add locks to the handle or key entry. By being able to lock all panels, you can feel safe and at ease in your home. We offer a range of customizable choices so you can find the perfect match for your needs in terms of both style and security.

We have incorporated cutting-edge magnetized technology into our glass panels to keep your frameless glass door in place even if it is struck by a heavy object, taking into account the strong winds of Santa Barbara. You can feel safe knowing that your door is stable and secure thanks to this feature, especially during the windy season.

Looking into kitchen from patio with open frameless glass doors

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

Why spend money on glass doors that are difficult to open and close? Your doors will open and close smoothly thanks to Cover Glass. Our top-hung steering track is gently supported by the bottom track, preventing any sags in the glass panel and ensuring a tight fit. Stainless steel fasteners are meticulously inserted into glazing channels to prevent mistakes and incorrect adjustments. Not only that. You can lower the rail to the level of the floor on either side using our lower device. To match your interior style, you can also hide and cover our top profile and side jambs. You have countless options with Cover Glass to turn your ideal house into a reality.

We provide professional contractors who can complete the two-step installation process quickly, or you can hire your own contractor. However, there are some important things to take care of before we start the installation process. Firstly, ensure that the opening is clean and free of any obstructions, and the header and sides are exposed. If there is a receding lower track, the floor must be cut open.


In the first phase, we make the frameless sliding glass doors weatherproof and install both top and bottom tracks. Depending on your property, we may need to drill weep holes and drain pipes. Finally, we take laser measurements of the system size and order tempered glass from our supplier.


Phase 2 cannot begin until we receive the glass panels from our supplier. We then install and fit the sliding glass doors into the track to complete the installation process. For an 18-foot track, the installation typically takes a full workday, but the total lead time from phase 1 and phase 2 is estimated to be at least a month, depending on various factors.

Cover Glass is the best option for clients seeking exceptional service and quality. Every element of our work, including our drainage solutions, reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. We provide two methods for removing water from our systems:

1. WEEP HOLES: We drill small holes at the system's base to enable water to drain easily.

2. DRAIN PIPES: We install drain pipes at the system's lower profile and link them to any existing drainage system in your house.

Whatever option you select, you can be confident that our drainage solutions will keep your house dry and safe.

Our weatherstrip cases and all other components used to build our glass doors are of the highest quality. To guarantee the strength and durability of our doors, we use UV-protected polycarbonate. When the glass panels shut at the H-Channel, our weatherstrip system automatically connects, ensuring that every glass panel is completely sealed and preventing debris from entering the channel.

Cities In Chambers County that we serve

By seamlessly fusing your interior and outdoor living spaces, installing Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass in your Anahuac residence will enrich your neighborhood's breathtaking environment. The frameless sliding doors will let in natural light and fresh air while also giving you unrestricted views of your surroundings. These doors are a useful and fashionable addition to any home because they are simple to use, energy-efficient, and provide good security measures.

Your Beach City house may take full advantage of the breathtaking view and the advantages of indoor-outdoor living by installing Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass. You may completely immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings thanks to these doors, which create a seamless link between your indoor and outdoor spaces. These doors' sleek, contemporary appearance will also give your house a hint of class and sophistication. They also provide outstanding security and energy efficiency features, making them a wise and useful purchase for any homeowner.

By establishing a seamless connection between your interior and outdoor living spaces, installing Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass in your Cove house will enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape. These doors give you clear views of your surroundings and let in natural light and fresh air, giving you a feeling of space and a connection to nature. The doors' contemporary, sleek style will also give your house a sense of class in addition to providing exceptional energy-saving and security features. Overall, installing these doors is a great investment for your home's appearance and functionality.

You may completely immerse yourself in the breathtaking environment around your Mont Beliveau property by installing Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass. These doors allow clear views and a seamless transition between your interior and outdoor living areas, giving your home a feeling of openness and spaciousness. These doors have practical benefits in addition to their energy efficiency and security features, which make them a wise investment for any homeowner. Additionally, your home will have a touch of beauty and refinement because to their sleek, modern design.

Your Old River-Winfree home will be transformed with the installation of Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass by establishing a seamless connection between your interior and outdoor spaces, enabling you to take in the amazing environment in all its splendor. These doors provide clear views, lots of natural light, and fresh air, giving the room a feeling of openness and closeness to nature. These doors are a great investment in the functioning and aesthetic of your home since they provide practical benefits in addition to their energy efficiency and security features. Your home will get a sense of elegance and sophistication from the sleek, contemporary style of these doors, turning it into a true haven that you'll enjoy returning to each day.

Your Stowell house may fully appreciate the stunning beauty that is all around it while effortlessly integrating your internal and outdoor living spaces by installing Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass. These doors provide clear views, enabling you to appreciate your surroundings while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. They also let in fresh air and natural light, giving the room a feeling of openness. These doors provide practical benefits that make them a fantastic investment in the functioning and value of your home thanks to their energy efficiency and security features. Additionally, their sleek and contemporary design will give your home a touch of sophistication and elegance, turning it into a true sanctuary where you'll enjoy spending time.

By integrating your internal and outdoor living spaces seamlessly, installing Frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass in your Wallisville home will provide you an unrivaled connection to your breathtaking surroundings. You can see everything clearly through these doors so that you can completely appreciate the surrounding natural splendor. They give your home a feeling of openness and space by allowing in natural light and air, making it appear bigger and more welcoming. These doors are a useful and important addition to your home because they are energy-efficient and provide excellent security features. These doors' sleek and contemporary style will also improve the aesthetics of your house, transforming it into a chic haven where you'll like spending time.

Your Winnie home's interior and outdoor living areas may be seamlessly connected by frameless sliding doors from Cover Glass, enabling you to fully take in the breathtaking scenery all around you. These doors offer unhindered views, let in natural light and fresh air, and create the impression that the space is open and natural. These doors have advantages that make them a wise investment for your home due to their energy efficiency and security features. They will also bring a sense of refinement and elegance to your home, transforming it into a stylish retreat where you'll want to spend every day.

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