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Open Your Phoenix Home Or Business
WITH Our bifold patio doors

Cover Glass Arizona has made its name in the market by offering remarkable bifold patio doors phoenix that not only offer you beautiful views of nature but ventilate your home as well. You get to experience the uninterrupted views of the Scottsdale skyline with the safely secured Cover Glass sliding glass doors.

In the summer season, you open up your frameless walls to let the breeze roll in and cool your indoors, while in winter, you get a lot of sunshine and light. Cover Glass functional frameless folding windows bring a world of architectural possibilities to your doorstep. The open-concept design of our windows gives you the perfect match of modernity and luxury. 

Cover Glass Frameless Windows and Doors are ideal for business owners, architects, homeowners, etc. They significantly add more charm and view to your corporate workplace and commercial space. Cover Glass in Phoenix, Arizona, prides itself in giving you the most durable and functional folding windows and doors.

Or, if you want to bless yourself with stunning views of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, we got you covered. Cover Glass Arizona gets you the windows and doors that suit your needs in every possible way. 

Benefits of Frameless glass doors

Looking outside living room frameless glass doors

Phoenix is full of natural beauty and alluring scenery, and no eye wouldn't want to witness the charm of picturesque sights of our state. Adding much more to your living experience with the advanced design, our frameless Glass doors leave no stone unturned in helping you relish the wide-open views of deserts, and mountains. 

Patio with open frameless glass doors

The property value of your home will be significantly boosted due to installing frameless glass doors. We transform the look of your home by adding livable space and optimizing open floor plans.

Our innovative architectural design adds a brilliant modern touch to your interior and expands the view outside. There’s also a chance that your frameless sliding glass windows and doors might become the topic of gossip in the neighborhood because of their appealing design and economic value. 

Looking into home from patio with open frameless glass doors

Cover Glass Frameless Folding Windows and Doors take as little space as possible. Their stack is the thinnest one in the industry because of the mere occupation of 1inch per panel. In this way, you have plenty of room to customize your home as per your wish and liking.

Cover Glass makes your place ideal for your family and friends. If you want to get yourself entertained by the lively views of boats whizzing around Lake Havasu, we are here for you. Our job is to transform your dreams into realities. 

Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open

Our perfectly designed Frameless Folding Windows and Doors exceed every other product of the same category in functionality and innovation. You can create air gaps or open individual glass panels as per the need of the hour.

Whether you want the doors to be fully opened or half-opened, it's up to you. If you just want a little rush of air, you can partially open the door. In blazing hot summer in Arizona, you need to experience the natural airflow that is only possible with Cover Glass Frameless Windows and Doors, Phoenix 

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors

Cover Glass Phoenix realizes the importance of the safety and security of your home and your loved ones. Therefore, our manufacturers have used special top-quality state-of-the-art tempered safety glass that surpasses regular glass in excellence and durability.

With our bifold patio doors phoenix, It is almost impossible to tamper because no man can lift the panels from the track. The reason is that they are made to lock from the inside, and hence, no intruders and blunt force objects can break through the glass.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the shattering or uprooting of glass in the severe wind because our frameless glass can withstand 222mph of wind without any problem.

Looking into home through frameless glass doors

Cover Glass Phoenix has a prime position in the industry because of the top-notch material that is used in the construction of its frameless glass doors and windows.

Energy efficiency is not just limited to appliances these days; our Low-E(low emissivity) glass technology plays a crucial role in improving the energy efficiency and reducing energy usage alongside.

As Phoenix is hot and sunny all year long, you need to get your health and furniture protected from harmful UV rays. Unlike traditional clear glazing, we make use of durable and quality Low-E coating. Cover Glass ensures maximum safety and comfort without compromising your needs. 

Our bifold patio doors phoenix Features

Frameless folding French Walls

Our system is known to manufacture top hung glass and sturdy tracks to give a solid support for the door's weight beneath. The noiseless and smooth opening, stacking and closing of Cover Glass frameless doors and windows is entirely effortless and quick. 

The wheel assembly of a top hung system is designed to stay completely enclosed inside the track. The clean and dirt-free mechanism is ensured by gravity, thanks to its suspended state. Maintaining a top-hung slider is not a hard job either. You can instantly access wheels and bearing sub-assemblies whenever there's a need because of the boxed-in design. 

There is no end to the benefits offered by Cover Glass. It saves you the mess and trouble of cleaning nooks and crannies by setting the tracks into a foundation, and thus thoroughly flushing with the floor surface. You no longer have to trip over unseen ledges.

The installation of no vertical frames between our frameless glass gives you the perks of enjoying an improved level of clarity that not all homeowners experience.

Our frameless sliding glass doors have a UV-protected translucent polycarbonate channel that plays a significant role in directly interlocking and firmly sealing into the next panel. 

Cover Glass has hired trained employees who can create custom openings for clients without the mess. Whether you want the glass door at the exterior location or the interior one, we are there to get on with the installation procedure. You just have to help us where you want the sliding glass door. 

Our folding glass doors are high in demand because of their impressive flexibility and reliable functionality. It's totally your choice how you want to open the door. You can wide open the door system entirely, and you can leave some air gaps for natural ventilation, you can combine two panels in the center, and much more. 

Our standard locking hardware is far more sturdy and robust than the rest of the frameless glass doors in the market. Two deadbolts are installed, one at the top of the first opening panel and the other at the bottom. The absence of floating handles makes it virtually impossible for any intruder to access the property. 

You also get a number of other non-standard options like basic entry excess from the exterior. You can also get your every panel locked.

We have every solution to your problems. You just have to make a choice that synchronizes with your comfort level and matches your lifestyle.

If the system is opened and stacked once, it remains so for as long as you want. There is no chance of your frameless glass door moving out of the place whenever a strong gust hits it. It remains firm as before, even if somebody walks in without paying attention.

With our bifold patio doors phoenix, you can rest assured that they'll stay in place whether it's a strong gust of wind or if someone happens to walk into them. We use magnetized technology on each panel so the whole thing stays stacked up nicely!

The upper and lower profile of the Cover Glass sliding glass doors has a perfectly designed steering track. The latter suspends from the top-hung position and gets firm support from the lower base. The glazing channels fix each folding glass panel which is made of stainless steel fasteners at the top and bottom position. Our designers make sure that each piece of frameless glass fits securely and smoothly. 

One of the most advantageous features of our track system is the plain matching of lower profile with your finished flooring on either side. We offer the lower profile in a wide range of colors so that you are able to customize the one that matches your interior design. 

All parts inside the profile get the top profile, and side jumps covered. Cover Glass gives you a variety of options, from classical architecture to ultra-modern, and fits any style of your Arizona home.

Closeup of bifold patio doors pheonix

The clean opening from you or your contractor makes installing our frameless glass doors hassle-free and straightforward. It is a two-step process that gets started as soon as you get rid of all obstruction beforehand. For instance, expose both the header and sides. 

Make sure you have cut into the floor before you recess the bottom track to match your finished flooring. You don't have to worry about additional information as our team is there to cooperate with you and your contractor and provide all the necessary details. 

Phase 1

Installation begins with weatherproofing the frameless glass. Now, move on to the step where you install the top and bottom track. The next step is to drill the weep holes after you have taken your property requirements into account. As soon as the phase 1 is completed, our technicians laser measure and reserve the tempered glass from the supplier base. 

Phase 2

After the sliding glass doors are delivered to us from our suppliers, the fitting of glass into the tracks takes place and thus, completes the installation process. Considering the duration of installation, it can take an entire working day per 18 feet of track or glass. However, the total lead time ranges from 28-30 days. Keep in mind that the installation duration can vary according to factors like pre-existing schedules and customer requirements.

Large truck carrying bifold patio doors pheonix

The tremendous benefits of Cover Glass cannot come to an end as we also do our own draining here. Our customers are delighted with the drainage services we offer. Drainage takes place in one of the following ways:

  1. Drilling weep holes 

Weep holes are drilled at the base of the track to ensure that the water hitting the glass is easily dispersed. 

  1. Installing drain pipes

This method utilizes the same lower profile of the track that was used by weep holes. We make attachments between connectors and pipes. Any water hitting the glass will move down the system and then into the track.

In the end, it is removed from the panels. You can connect the drain pipes to any landscape or drainage system wherever you want to get rid of water efficiently and adequately.

View of drain system created for Cover Glass USA's bifold patio doors

Cover Glass seals your system and protects your property with the help of special polycarbonate UV-protected weatherstrips. As soon as two glass panels juxtapose at the H-channel, an automatic interlocking occurs, thus keeping your property from any moisture, wind, and air that it tries to surpass. With time, there is no discoloration in our system because of advanced UV-protected weatherstrip technology. 

Closeup of frameless glass door track

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

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