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Frameless Patio Doors SANTA CRUZ

Open Your Home With Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Turn Your Santa Cruz Home Into A Paradise

A gorgeous city nestled in California’s Bay Area, Santa Cruz has all the warmth of woods with a refreshing see-blown breeze. 

Benefits of Frameless sliding doors

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With cover glass frameless folding windows and doors, you can enjoy wide-open views of the sunny Santa Cruz coastline. These elegant sliding glazing units will allow for complete unobstructed panoramic scenes that are perfect in any space--from your living room or bedroom to an office setting!

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Installing our frameless folding glass doors will not only increase the property value of your Northern California home or business, but they'll also bring an elegant element that's hard to resist. You'll enjoy all these benefits plus more like increased livable space and better views thanks to their sleek lines!

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The perfect addition for your home, Cover Glass Northern California offers high-quality frameless glass doors that only take up 1 inch per panel when stacked. Our folding windows allow the thinnest possible stack - the best in our industry! You can customize functionality with either left-right orientation and it's all about personal preference; we've got you covered no matter what path takes hold of life.

Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open

Cover Glass’ frameless folding windows allow customers the ability to open or close as many of their sliding glass panels (or just some) while still providing an airy and comfortable environment. This functionality is perfect for allowing that crisp Santa Cruz feel inside your home during the summer months! Plus, by opting-out you save on utility bills too - which means more money in your pocket every month.

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors

The Cover Glass folding glass panels are made using state-of the art tempered safety, which is 5x stronger than regular glasses. They can withstand intruders and blunt force objects as well! Our frameless windows will also handle any gusty Northern California winds( up tp 222 mph) without problem - making them perfect for your home or business just in time before winter comes knocking at our door again

In addition, they're completely secure: we stand behind all of their products with a full warranty against breakage due to external factors such s storms/windspeed etc

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When we use Low-E (low emissivity) glass technology, it improves energy efficiency and reduces the need for natural sunlight. This means that you can enjoy a more comfortable home with increased safety from unwanted UV rays which could negatively impact your health as well as furniture in rooms where they're present without sacrificing looks or excessive cost!

FEATURES of folding glass doors


We at Top Hung Glass know that there's nothing more frustrating than trying to open or close a door with an uneven surface. That is why we design our frameless glass doors so smoothly, making for effortless gliding motion in both opening and closing!


With a top hung system, the wheel assembly is fully enclosed inside of track which keeps it clean and dirt-free. Maintenance for these sliders has been made straightforward with easy access to components when necessary due in part from its suspended state; this design also allows gravity-assist maintenance with no extra tools needed!


The modern, sleek design of top hung frameless sliding glass doors is perfect for any home. No more worrying about trips on hidden ledges or cleaning out nooks and crannies - this type tracks right into a foundation so it's flush with the floor surface!

In addition to providing you with an exceptional windows experience, our frameless glass also provides benefits such as increased clarity and security. We use UV protected translucent polycarbonate channels that directly interlock with the next panel for seamless sealant against any intrusion from outside elements or tampering!

With a unique specialization in creating custom openings for clients, we're able to install frameless sliding glass doors in a variety of interior and exterior locations. At Cover Glass, the only limitation is your imagination.

The flexibility and functionality of our folding glass doors make them a special product. Not only do they allow you the seamless ability to open each panel individually, but with their slide-out design, we also give users an opportunity for natural ventilation by creating air gaps between panels in certain areas on either side or frontage truck bodies. The possibilities are endless when it comes down to choosing what you want in your space! 

The durability and security of our frameless glass doors are second to none. Our system features two deadbolts: one at the top, which cannot be opened from outside; while another resides on a bottom opening panel with the same level of difficulty accessibility as any other door in your house!


We provide a variety of options so you can find the perfect solution for your individual needs. You might prefer handles or keys that are easier to use from outside the home, while others may want locks on every panel in order keep everything safe at night when nobody's around!

The frameless glass doors are designed with an innovative magnetized technology to keep them in place no matter what. This prevents the door from flying open due strong gusts of wind or if someone walks into it without paying attention. 

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

The frameless glass system is a unique design that Suspends from the top-hung position and is gently supported by our lower base. Made with stainless steel fasteners at each end, these folding panels fit seamlessly into glazing channels ensuring they're securely fixed in place!


The advantage of our track system is that it can be customized to match your flooring on either side and even cover the top profile. Furthermore, you have several options for colored glass in order make this project perfect!

Closeup of glass door meeting wooden floor

Installing our frameless glass doors is a very simple two-step process. We will need any obstruction to be removed before installation begins, which includes having the header and sides both exposed so it can go into your floor correctly!


Phase 1:

The installation process for a frameless glass window starts with the waterproofing and securing of top track, followed by installing bottom tracks. The last step entails drilling holes in order to provide drainage or plumbing options on your property if needed; this is all facilitated by laser measuring from our supplier base so that we can custom-fit each unit perfectly!


Phase 2:

When we get your sliding glass door, they'll be fitted into the tracks and installed in just one day; it takes one day per 18ft. The whole process takes about a month with an installation lead time that depends on how many other jobs and acquiring glass--usually around 1 month per system!

Large truck carrying frameless glass windows

If you're looking for an efficient way to drain,  then look no further than Cover Glass. We do all the hard work so that you don't have to worry!


  1. When we install our tracks, they are equipped with weep holes so water can easily disperse. The water hits the glass and drains down and out.
  2. We take pride in designing and installing high quality drainpipes that will keep your home free from any unnecessary water damage. The lower profile of our tracks ensure a sleek look while also preventing leaking or dripping, so you can enjoy their beauty without worry!
View of drain system created for Cover Glass USA glass doors

The Cover Glass team uses special polycarbonate UV protected weatherstrips that completely seal your system and protect the outside of property. When two glass panels come together at an H-Channel, there is a automatic interlocking process which prevents any moisture or air from getting through; additionally these strips are made with advanced technology making them last much longer than traditional ones!

Closeup of frameless glass door track

Curious about installing frameless sliding glass doors

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