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Transform Your Santa Monica Home Living Experience With Sliding Glass Doors

Known for its amazing views and natural charm, Santa Monica is a beautiful place that offers a dense suburban feel to its residents. There are a lot of beautiful scenes to enjoy in Santa Monica. Cover Glass realizes that residents can relish more of nature by installing sliding glass doors in Santa Monica. They can have a clear view of the landscape and their gardens if they have a frameless glass door installed in their homes.

In Summer, you can ventilate your home with the fresh breeze rushing into your interior. In winter, you can insulate the heat loss with the help of tempered glass doors.

Cover Glass is a renowned brand in the market that promises quality products with loads of architectural possibilities.

Frameless glass doors are an ideal option in either season. They come with plenty of advantages and pros. Cover Glass also brings sliding glass windows to add more innovation to your home in Santa Monica. We are determined to increase the value of your workplace and commercial space with the wonderful options we give with these sliding glass doors.

The durability and functionality of our products are unmatched without any compromise on quality. Owners of tech companies can give us a call and get the product delivered within 10-12 business days. Cover Glass has set the standard and it is there to meet all the possible needs of its customers.

Our installation Process

At Cover Glass USA we do all of our own install in house there's no subcontracting and we will by far be the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We control the whole process as we're the manufacturer and we're the installer, so you'll be working directly with us the entire time and we're not waiting on anybody else for any of our parts.

And We do a two step install where will be able to install the tracks and the side jambs so the perimeter of your system in one business day, we can do up to four openings in one business day, then the very same day we will take exact laser measurements of your glass sizes that will all get ordered the same day and the glass will be ready within roughly ten to twelve business days and at that time the glass will be installed at your home and the system will be completed.

We will turn quicker than anybody in the industry as we control all of those points of delivery, extrusions, parts, materials and labor are all under our umbrella which we offer directly to you.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Looking outside living room frameless Sliding doors santa monica

Security and privacy are the top concerns for homeowners when it comes to doors and windows. The deadlocks on the top and bottom of glass panels ensure the security of your home and your loved ones. The glass used in the manufacturing of sliding glass doors by Cover Glass is high in quality and durable in construction. It can withstand the fierce rush of winds and heavy rains striking the glass surface. You can sleep in peace because your folding glass doors can deal with the foul weather.

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People who want to merge two rooms while keeping the possibility of a divider wall often select French doors and then encounter limitations as the latter can only open 6 feet wide. They also occupy more space and leave less room for your decoration and furnishing. On the other hand, Cover Glass folding sliding doors ensure maximum flexibility. Manufactured as per your expectations, the glass panels open wide enough to eliminate barriers.

 Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open Sliding Glass patio doors san diego

Your imagination is the limit with Cover Glass. We can install sliding glass doors in any configuration and at your desired angles depending on your space characteristics. We also present a list of options of glass and track colors for you to choose from. You can install your sliding glass door anywhere you want to.

Our dedicated staff is there for you to help.
Patio with open Bifold glass doors

Anyone who’s looking for a way to add more value to the property or home should consider installing a sliding glass door. The reason is that they add a modern touch to your interior and increase the livable space. Residents of Costa Mesa are installing more and more sliding glass doors to welcome an open concept design that not only improves the aesthetics but also enriches the environment with fresh air.

Beautiful view from inside Encinitas home

It has been observed that places can become small and disjointed by cluttering them with doors. However, that’s not the case with sliding glass doors as they save space in your home because of their hinge-less operation. Unlike the regular doors, they slide over each other on the track without swinging open. You don’t have to make space around the doorway for the glass doors to open and close.

Apart from that, you can convert an unusable corner into a functional area with the help of frameless glass doors. The latter is the key factor in making small spaces look bigger than they are.

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Folding glass doors are mainly installed in homes of Huntington Beach to increase the airflow throughout the home. Glass doors are the best way to improve the quality of air inside your home as they constantly bring the cool breeze in and take the heat out. You can also bring a reduction in your electricity bill as there is no need for A. C with sliding glass doors. You will also notice a decreased risk of mold as soon as you install the frameless glass doors by Cover Glass. They get rid of the smell of stuffiness in your home and ventilate your home thoroughly.

Features of Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless folding French Walls

If you are looking for the ultimate in smooth threshold transitions, this is it. Your search ends here. With Cover Glass top hung sliding glass door, it is a breeze to make the transition from inside to out. Designers have incorporated a unique top hat in the sill of this door to minimize any risks of trips and falls. The top hung system also complies successfully with disability access regulations.

Your visitors are also going to love the sliding glass door installed in your home because of the effortless opening, stacking, and closing of the frameless glass door. Another interesting factor to look at is the wheel assembly of the top hung system. It is crucial for keeping the mechanism clean and dirt-free. You don’t have to face any problem with the maintenance of the top-hung slider either. It’s because of the boxed-in design which makes easy access to wheels possible.

Every homeowner is looking for maximum clarity in views of the landscape. There are no vertical frames between our frameless glass giving panoramic views to the outdoor area. Cover Glass incorporates a UV-protected translucent polycarbonate channel whose interlocking into the next panel is very firm and tight.

Sliding glass doors have outshined the rest of the products in the market because of their functionality and flexibility. Cover Glass has given multiple options for opening the doors to its customers. You can limit the opening and closing of panels as per your needs and requirements.

Homeowners love to wide open the glass door in summer to let in as much breeze as possible. Sometimes, they are just looking for little ventilation which is done by creating small gaps. We are here to match the options with your current lifestyle.

Our experts have come up with a wonderful way to deal with security problems that are generally associated with sliding glass doors. We have installed internal locking hardware which consists of two deadlocks at the top and bottom of the glass system. This leaves no chance for any intruder to get past your property.

Homeowners are always looking for ways to protect themselves from harmful UV radiations that keep striking their glass doors, therefore, Cover Glass uses Low-E technology in its glass doors via spectrally selective coating to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Technical Information On Sliding Glass Doors

Cover Glass ensures the perfect fitting of frameless glass panels into glazing channels. The lower base provides support to the steering track which is hanging from the top hung position.

Cover Glass presents a track system that certifies the smooth running of the sliding glass door. The color of the lower profile can be matched with your interior design. Cover Glass is a hub of options ranging from classical architecture to ultra-modern. The choice is yours.

The installation of sliding glass doors in your home is done by the very crew of Cover Glass. The manufacturers have become the installers. They get the necessary information related to the project by contacting your contractor and then proceed towards installing the frameless glass doors.

It takes place in two steps:

Step 1

The first step consists of making preparations for the glass panel to fit into the track. After weatherproofing the track, the staff takes the measurements and then places the order on Cover Glass Costa Mesa. It takes almost 10-12 days to process and ship the product.

Step 2

In this step, the sliding glass door has reached your doorstep and the crew of Cover Glass is there to set it into the tracks. Every working day involves 18 feet of track working and overall it takes a month to complete the process. The time may also vary because of the already existing routines of Cover Glass.

Homeowners often complain about the drainage problems that affect their sliding glass doors. Cover Glass has taken the responsibility of fixing this problem by taking care of drainage issues besides the installation. We offer two days to avert the rainwater:

Drilling Weep Holes

We drill weep holes at the lowest point of the track and make way for the unnecessary water to go through. Most of the projects involve the drilling of one hole per glass panel but it may differ for the rest of the projects.

Installing Drain Pipes

Drainpipes are a better option to solve the drainage problem because they are easy to install and operate. You just have to be careful while guiding the staff about the right place where drain pipes need to be installed.

You might not notice but heat and sunlight can cause more potential damage to your health and property than you can imagine. Cover Glass ensures the protection of your property and other aspects of your home from such weather-related factors and gives you many options of sliding glass doors.

  • Sealed tracks

Tracks are sealed before the installation process begins. This keeps the rainwater from seeping through the track and damaging your home.

  • Drainage in the tracks

Rainwater can enter the tracks even if you have been cautious. Only weep holes at the lowest point of the track can prevent this from happening.

  • Interlocking channels

Interlocking channels are the best way to seal the Glass panels from water and drafts. They also protect your property from harm done by UV radiation.

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