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Welcome The Outside IN WITH OUR Sliding Door SYSTEM

Encinitas is one of the finest places to live in California. Residents get a dense suburban feel that can be improved by welcoming the outside with our bifold sliding doors in their homes. Most of the homes in Encinitas open onto an expanse of nature, so it is important to get an unobstructed view. Cover Glass is determined to get you a frameless glass door that can help enhance not only your home but also your mood.

Create a new way of living with frameless sliding doors

Our installation Process

At Cover Glass USA we do all of our own install in house there's no subcontracting and we will by far be the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We control the whole process as we're the manufacturer and we're the installer, so you'll be working directly with us the entire time and we're not waiting on anybody else for any of our parts.

And We do a two step install where will be able to install the tracks and the side jambs so the perimeter of your system in one business day, we can do up to four openings in one business day, then the very same day we will take exact laser measurements of your glass sizes that will all get ordered the same day and the glass will be ready within roughly ten to twelve business days and at that time the glass will be installed at your home and the system will be completed.

We will turn quicker than anybody in the industry as we control all of those points of delivery, extrusions, parts, materials and labor are all under our umbrella which we offer directly to you.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

image of sliding doors

Every homeowner wants to illuminate their home with energy-efficient natural light for long hours every day. Cover Glass presents to you the sliding glass doors with oversized glass panels and sleek streamlined frames which allow a significant amount of sunlight to enter your homes. It’s up to you to outfit these sliding doors with optional shade covers. There are a variety of companies that offer these type of coverings that complement our frameless system very well

Patio with open Bifold glass doors

Everyone wants a refreshing breeze in summer but sliding glass doors also promise enhanced ventilation besides the fresh air. Have you accidentally burnt the turkey at Thanksgiving? Just open the sliding glass patio door and let the air out of your home. Are you busy cleaning the kitchen and want to open the window while the heavy-duty cleansers are working? Just slide open the window.

Bifold glass doors also come in handy for people

who frequently pedal away on their exercise bikes. You can completely slide open your door when it’s difficult to stay in the zone with rising humidity in the room. You might go the extra mile with the fresh air coming through the door.

 Looking into home from patio

It is exceptionally easy to open and close Cover Glass sliding doors. This feature makes them an ideal choice for seniors who have limited strength and a small range of motion. Homeowners with back pain can opt for these sliding glass doors because there is no need to reach and pull to open and close the doors.

 Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open Sliding Glass patio doors san diego

Cover Glass folding doors are designed to serve you well for many years. You don’t have to worry about their mechanical parts breaking down over time. They require very little maintenance. They are incredibly durable because of the quality materials used in their construction. Your glass door is going to open smoothly for years without any obstruction.

Beautiful view from inside Encinitas home

Cover Glass has manufactured a product that is an ideal choice for high-traffic homes where kids and adults keep coming in and going out on different schedules.

The best thing about sliding glass doors is that they are very quiet. You can enter and exit without waking up others. Unlike regular doors, frameless glass doors cause no disturbance if your loved ones are working from home.

If you are fond of entertaining your guests often, sliding glass doors are perfect for you. Easily transfer your dishes to and from the outside. You can also keep an eye on your kids as they play and run around. You can feel more connected with your guests if they are on the patio and you are inside at the kitchen table. Sliding glass doors allow people to move around and mingle more

Features of Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless folding French Walls

Sliding glass doors are generally a great fit for all homes but they are perfect for smaller homes with low ceilings. It’s not wrong that there are some advantages associated with smaller spaces but you can still feel congested there.


This is particularly the case for narrow homes and condos that just have windows at the front and back of their homes. The sliding glass door can illuminate the whole space if it is installed at the rear of the home.


Another wonderful feature of folding glass doors is that there is no need for additional room for their full operation. You can just glide them horizontally along an existing track and they will open wide.

Most of you associate the safety and security of your home’s windows and doors with their tangible components like the quality of the materials used in construction or the strength of their locks. But the factor that you might ignore is the level of visibility provided by the sliding glass doors.


If you are not anticipating any company or delivery, you should be cautious of any unknown face you see through the glass. There are no surprises because of enhanced visibility by Cover Glass sliding doors. You get the absolute opportunity to see what’s going on before you decide to open the door. You can also keep an eye on pets playing in the yard by folding glass doors.


Homeowners would likely want to remove panels from their sliding glass doors very often. However, having the option of removing sliding panels is a favorite feature of many customers. Are you facing the problem of moving a wide sofa or generator through the front door?

Well, Cover Glass brings a perfect remedy to this problem. It offers sliding glass doors that completely remove the sliding panel and give you the extra few inches of space that can make all the difference. You can thoroughly clean the tracks before placing them back in place and get already done with one of your Saturday chores

A number of custom sliding door options offered  g Cover Glass are mentioned as follows:


2 Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

Most of the homeowners choose the most common and classic style of sliding glass door i.e double sliding patio doors. It has one fixed panel of glass and the other pane slides open. It’s up to you to choose which panel you want to be stationary and which one to be operable.


3 Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

There is another option of a triple glass door that features 2 fixed planes at the right and left. The sliding panel lies at the center. You receive abundant natural light with stunning views that bring the outside in.


4 Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

This option is best for homeowners who want as much light as possible. The 4-panel sliding glass door features 2 fixed end panels. It consists of 2 sliding middle panels. This option is an extraordinary solution if you want a window wall but also operability.


2 Lite Slider Window

This window styles one fixed window and one sliding window. It is the most opted style by customers.

Double Sliding Window

This option makes maximum ventilation possible by letting both window panels slide.


3 Lite Slider Window

For this option, the center window lies fixed while both end vents slide past each other

Technical Information On Sliding Glass Doors

t is relatively easy to complete the process of installation of sliding glass doors by keeping in touch with your contractor. It consists of two steps that can be proceeded onto as soon as you remove all the obstruction. For example, you can clear both the header and sides beforehand.

So, It is important to cut into the floor before recessing the bottom track to customize the matching with your finished flooring. The efficient team of Cover Glass is there to provide you and your contractor with all necessary details, so there’s nothing to worry about for you.

Step 1

Proceed to installation by weatherproofing the frameless sliding glass. Carefully install the top track first and then the bottom track. Analyze your property and drill the weep holes for drainage. After the completion of phase 1, our dedicated staff takes measurements and sends them to us. We then deliver the product to our supplier who can take the sliding glass door with other important components to you.

Step 2

After receiving the glass door within 10-12 working days, we set on to begin the installation process as it takes one working day per 18 feet of track. The whole process of putting the sliding glass door in your home can be completed in three to four weeks. However, it may vary because of pre-existing schedules of Cover Glass.

The drainage problems can cost a lot to sliding glass doors. Therefore, we have come up with the solution of a proper drainage system in your home. Cover Glass tales all the responsibility of installing door and window drainage depending on the needs and requirements of a particular project.

We offer two standard drainage choices:

Weep Holes

Water hitting the glass is run into the track and then through the weep holes that are created at the lowest point at the front of the track with the drill. We drill one hole per panel and look for further project requirements.

Drain Pipes

Drain pipes are another option to remove unnecessary water hitting the folding glass door. There are different drainpipes available. You can choose the one that meets your landscape needs. Cover Glass presents the drain pipes that are made of durable polycarbonate.

Every homeowner is looking for ways to protect his sliding glass doors and improve the aesthetics. Some of the best ways to weatherproof your glass doors are by UV-protected interlocking channels, sealed tracks, track drains, and glazed channels. It’s a great idea to stay prepared before the foul weather days. The harmful radiations coming from the sun straight into your homes have the power to bleach your furniture and floors. Therefore, add a UV-protected layer to your exterior sliding glass channels.

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