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Everything is bigger in Texas, and Cover Glass's frameless patio doors and windows are no exception. Get ready for bigger views, bigger living spaces and also bigger property values. Our frameless sliding Glass Doors Houston walls will create an architecturally sophisticated and totally unique architecturally design for your home or business.

Maybe you want to bring views of the wooded mountain slopes, ochre plateaus and the wide golden valleys of the Lone Star state into your living room? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to efficiently cool down your BBQ restaurant during the long, hot summer as temperatures creep up into the triple digits? Whatever your design goal, your friendly Texas Cover Glass distributor is here to make it happen.

For more than 30 years, glass coverage has been the reliable choice of builders, homeowners, architects and also business owners throughout the Texas. Combining a fully customizable design with world-class engineering, our frameless glass doors will transform any space. From opening and modernizing offices in Houston to adding a wall of windows to a home for panoramic views of Lake Austin, we've reinvented architecture in every corner of Texas. Take a look at this before and after project on our blog.


Looking outside bedroom doors
Houston is a city that is known for its beautiful natural views and wide stretches of land. People visit this city in a large number to relish the natural beauty through Cover Glass’ frameless patio doors.
The sophisticated design of the window makes it easy for you to pull up on the tab at either side and then make adjustments accordingly. The windows are build in a way that you won’t have to worry about how high they will go before they are wide open.
The modern style of our windows makes your living exciting. Let us read more of these features.
Patio with open frameless glass doors

Tour frameless glass doors suit every home setting and also add a certain charm to your home. Their innovative architectural design makes them an absolute treat to look at and also brings an increase in property value. Moreover, their beautiful appearance adds livable space to the home and broadens open floor plans.

Looking into home from patio

Our frameless glass doors suit every home setting and add a certain charm to your home. Their innovative architectural design makes them an absolute treat to look at and brings an increase in property value. In addition to this, their beautiful appearance adds livable space to the home and broadens open floor plans.

Patio with three doors slightly open

Our frameless glass doors suit every home setting and add a certain charm to your home. Their innovative architectural design makes them an absolute treat to look at and brings an increase in property value. furthermore, their beautiful appearance adds livable space to the home and broadens open floor plans.

In the warmer months, you can fully open the glass panes and then get your home ventilate. And In winter, the window can be close halfway to keep the warmth from escaping out into the chilly street below.

Cover Glass USA's folding glass windows are an excellent way to ventilate your home in every season.

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors
You get absolute security and safety with Cover Glass.

There is no chance of getting these top-quality panels tempered. Neither one can remove them from their tracks, nor can they be lifted up off the window panes. Nobody can break through the glass in any way.

There is a brilliant locking system that is built inside each panel. It needs an activated mechanism to open the windows and then close them without any gaps whatsoever.
The frameless glass of Cover Glass is perfect for protecting you against the fierce 222mph winds of Santa Barbara.

Looking into home through frameless door

Low-E stands for low emissivity glass technology. It offers numerous benefits to ease its customers. Window panes made with traditional silicate or Plexiglas coatings use a lot of energy. Low-E technology in a frameless glass of Cover Glass reduces the use of energy by 50%.

The cover provides enhanced insulation from all sources of heat and saves you the costs of heating in the winter season and cooling them down in the summer season. With frameless glass, you get complete protection from harmful UV rays on sunny days outside.

FEATURES of folding glass doors

A complicated system can even make easy tasks like opening and closing a door tedious. This process can also become effortless and smooth with our frameless glass, which slides along beams that are hidden inside your ceiling.

The wheel assembly is completely enclosed inside the sturdy tracks. The top hung system stays clean and tidy because of the gravity acting on the wheel assembly. Whenever there is a need for maintenance, it is straightforward and also quick because the components are easy to access. Besides, your home’s interior design stays intact because of the absence of any potentially harmful elements.

We present you with a top-hung frameless folding glass door that is a successful solution to all of your tripping hazards and cleaning problems. Its bottom track creates a cleaning transition from room to room as soon as it is dropped into the foundation. Therefore, You would no longer be needing ledges and hooks, and you will complete your tasks without any hindrance.

The Low-E glass is capable of giving a whole new look to your home. Homeowners themselves see the clarity when they install it. Frameless glass is an absolute necessity in an environment where UV protection is much needed.

The sliding patio doors go through robust construction. High-quality materials like translucent polycarbonate channels have tight sealing, which leaves no gaps in between them. This is why maximum light reaches us indoors, and there is no compromise made on the safety and comfort of our loved ones.

Cover Glass has installed frameless sliding glass doors in a number of interiors and exterior locations. The clients have shown complete satisfaction with the unique specialization of our designs.

Cover Glassworks way beyond the imagination of clients in creating custom openings. Our experts have years of experience in installing frameless sliding doors indoors and outdoors and our team of talented designers is here to turn your dreams into reality.

Our folding glass doors top everything in the market because of the flexibility and functionality they offer. Each panel has an individual sliding which gives you options of either opening it entirely or making gaps for natural ventilation in accordance with your needs.

You can open one slide and let some fresh air in for a while, keeping the other section closed. The versatile bi-fold door system enables you to choose how much airflow you allow into your home. Your comfort is the most important thing to us.

Safety is the primary factor that has been considered by our designers while making frameless glass doors. They have given you an internal locking hardware system that lets you sleep in peace without worrying about the burglars.

There are two deadbolts at the top and bottom of our sliding patio doors houston system. They are a strong obstacle to anyone who tries to enter your home from the outside.

You can also install locks on the handle or key entry from the outside. If you are more of a worrier, you can lock all the panels of your door, keeping everyone from entering your living room without your permission.

We offer you an extensive range of variety to choose from to make sure you get the one as per your liking.

Winds in Santa Barbara are strong enough to shake the trees to the core. Taking this factor into our account, we have used advanced magnetized technology in making our glass panels. This element keeps your frameless glass door in place even if a big guy walks into it without paying attention.

Looking into kitchen from patio with open frameless glass doors

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

Seriously, what's the point of installing expensive glass doors if they are not smooth enough to move? Cover Glass has given you a product that ensures seamless movements of glass when opening and closing. It is made possible by an upper track profile that has a top-hung steering track gently supported by the lower track.

There are no fluctuations in the glass panel, and it gives a secure fit. The reason is that it is made with stainless steel fasteners that are meticulously positioned into glazing channels and thus giving no chance of errors and misadjustment.

That’s not it. There is more to the benefits of our system. The lower system can drop the track so that it can become flush with your floor on either side. You have a choice to hide and cover our top profile and side jambs if you want to. You get a number of options to choose from.


We offer experienced contractors that complete the two-step installation procedure in no time, or you can also hire one yourself. It’s really up to you. But Certain things that need to be taken care of before we begin our installation process. Make sure there is a clean opening, and also all sorts of obstructions are gotten rid of. The header and sides also need to be exposed. Besides, the floor must be cut open in case of a receding lower track.


The first step of phase 1 is to make the frameless Sliding Patio Doors Houston weatherproof. Afterward, install both top and bottom tracks. The drilling of weep holes and drain pipes depends on your property and the necessity of work. Finally, After completing these steps, you can make a laser measurement of the final system size and also place an order for the tempered glass from our supplier.


Phase 2 cannot begin unless you have received the glass panels from our supplier. You can install and also fit the Sliding Glass Doors Houston into the track and complete the process of installation. It is estimated that the installation of 18 feet of rack requires a full workday. Though it also depends on a variety of other factors, the total lead time from phase 1 and phase 2 is no less than a month.

Cover Glass definitely has to be your choice as it benefits its customers in every way it can. We do our own drainage here in one of the two ways:

1. Drilling weep holes

Water interacting with our system is easily drained off through the holes that we have drilled at the base.

2. Installing drainpipes

Just like weep holes, we drill holes, but this time at the lower profile. We attach connectors that are linked with any other drainage system you have in your home.

All the materials used in the construction of our glass doors represent the best quality, and the case of our weatherstrips is no exception. They are made of top-of-the-line UV-protected polycarbonate. The system is so well-built that it automatically interlocks when glass panels come together to close at the H-Channel. There are no gaps left unsealed, and nothing gets into the channel unnoticed.

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