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Frameless Patio Doors Sonoma Valley

Open Your Home With Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Turn Your Sonoma Valley Home Into A Paradise

Sonoma, the birthplace of California Wine,  known for its unmistakable lush rolling hills. Our frameless glass doors allow you to connect with the outside world in sophisticated and luxurious style. Whether your homeowner trying to build the home of your dreams or a business attempting to inspire new passion in this world, our system can help get you there. 


Maybe your interested in unrestricted views of vibrant hills and the glrois sunset? Or maybe your a small winery wanting to bring elevation to every sip? Or perhaps your just looking at new ways to efficiently cool your property while increasing its value? Whatever it is your interested in or your goals are, we hear at Cover Glass North California are here to provide reliable and friendly service.

Benefits of Frameless sliding doors

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Sonoma Velly is full of breattaken views and illustrious sights. With our system, you can enjoy those stunning hills to a maximum. The modern style of our windows is not only easy to clean, but also has features that will make your home more exciting. With the pull tab at either side and adjustments accordingly; these sleek designs allow you great ease when opening up wide!

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The frameless glass doors at our company are designed to fit any home setting and add a certain charm. They have an innovative architectural design that makes them beautiful, which in turn brings more living space for your house while also broadening open floor plans with their richly detailed shapes. The additional architectural design increases property value.

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Since we offer a wide range of frameless glass doors, you can find the perfect one for your home. This beauty is sure to add value and livable space while also expanding open floor plans! It also stacks neatly to one side or stack it partially and keep it partially open to make the system customizable for you and your needs.

Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open

When you want to add some flair and beauty into your home, our frameless glass doors are just what the doctor ordered! They come in all different shapes with an innovative architectural design that will make them stand out from other homes on similar lots. Not only do these specialty pieces provide additional livable space but they also increase property value as people can see how well-made everything inside is - especially when there's no frame around it like other houses might have backyards or front porches made entirely of screens.

Cover Glass USA's folding glass windows provide an excellent way to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the year, with their ability of being fully opened in summer or closed for winter.

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors

With these top-quality panels, you can rest assured that there's no chance of getting them tampered. They're also impossible to remove from their tracks or lifting up off the window panes without detection by authorities on either side who would be able break through glass with ease if necessary! The Cover Glass is made of an advanced, frameless glass that not only resists 220 mph winds but the locking system has been designed with the latest technology to ensure you can open them without any gaps whatsoever!

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The use of low-E glass technology can reduce your energy costs by as much 50%. This is because it has been shown to have a very smooth surface that bears no comparison with traditional silicate or plexiglas coatings.

The cover provides enhanced insulation from all sources of heat and saves you the costs associated with heating in winter months, cooling them down during summer. With frameless glass for complete protection against harmful UV rays on sunny days when outside!

FEATURES of folding glass doors


These frameless glass doors will slide along the beams that are hidden inside your ceiling, making opening and closing a hassle-free experience.


The wheel assembly is completely enclosed inside the sturdy tracks. The top hung system stays clean and tidy because of the gravity acting on the wheel assembly. Whenever there is a need for maintenance, it is straightforward and also quick because the components are easy to access. Besides, your home’s interior design stays intact because of the absence of any potentially harmful elements.


The frameless folding glass door is a modern, efficient solution to your tripping hazards and cleaning problems. The bottom track creates an easy transition from room-to-room as soon as it's dropped into place! You'll never need ledges or hooks again because this top hung dooor will allow for safe completion of tasks without any obstruction whatsoever

The frameless glass door is a beautiful addition to any home. It's sleek and clear, with the ability of providing UV protection for your family members inside their own space!

The frameless panels are made of high-quality materials and go through a robust construction. They have tight sealing, which leaves no gaps in between them; this ensures maximum light reaches us indoors while also preserving safety or comfort for loved ones inside their home if need be!

Cover Glass is a renowned company that specializes in installing frameless sliding doors. We have installed these at many locations, and our clients love them for their unique design! Cover Glassworks is an innovative company that specializes in custom installations. They have years of experience with frameless sliding doors and can convert your imagination into reality through their team's talent, no matter how big or small the dream may be!

The flexibility and functionality of our folding glass doors is unparalleled in the industry. Each panel has an individual sliding mechanism that provides you with options for opening it entirely or making gaps to allow natural ventilation, depending on your needs! The bi-fold door system allows you to choose how much airflow enters your home. You can either let some fresh air in, or keep the other section closed and feel more comfortable with just one slide of a panel.

These frameless glass doors are designed with safety in mind. They come equipped with an internal locking hardware system that ensures you can sleep soundly knowing your home's security has been taken care of and everyone in it. 

The deadbolts at the top and bottom of our sliding glass doors prevented anyone from entering without permission. You can also install locks on how you enter, such as a handle or key entryway from outside. With a wide range of options to choose from, we're sure you'll be able find the perfect for your needs.

Entering a world where the wind is always at your back, you can feel free and confident about going forth with our frameless glass door. The magnets will keep it secure no matter what happens!

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

It might seem like a small detail, but the smoothness of your glass doors can make all the difference. That is why Cover Glass has produced an innovative product to ensure that you never have another bump or rattle when opening and closing them! The top-hung steering track gently rests on lower tracks while staying gravity free so there are no more worries about what's happening behind closed curtains.


The benefits of our system are many. Our stainless steel fasteners provide a secure fit for your glass panel, and they do not give in times where there is pressure on them from either side or below due to their precision engineering design that has been created with care taken during every step towards production so as not produce any errors whatsoever!

Closeup of glass door meeting wooden floor

Home improvement projects can often be daunting, but with our professional team on board you'll have all the help needed for an easy installation. We offer experienced contractors who complete two-step procedures in no time or hire one yourself! The only thing left is making sure there's a clean opening and removing any obstructions before we begin - that includes getting rid of old trimming too if it doesn't match up well enough where new pieces should go right away afterwards. 


Phase 1

Now that you have made the frameless sliding glass door weatherproof, it is time to install both top and bottom tracks. This will require some drilling of weep holes or drain pipes depending on your property needs but once these steps are completed a laser measurement can be taken for size purposes before ordering tempered glasses from our supplier!


Phase 2

The installation of 18 feet worth of rack requires a full workday. Though it also depends on other factors, the total lead time from phase 1 and 2 are no less than one month. Phase 2 begins when we get our glass. After the install, you can then enjoy your beautiful new sliding doors!

Large truck carrying frameless glass windows

Cover Glass has been known for its high-quality work and customer care. We offer two different drainage methods, but our top priority is always you and your needs. 


  1.  DRILLING WEEP HOLES: We were able to drill large, deep holes which allow water from interacting with our system easily drained off through the base-mounted drills.
  2. INSTALLING DRAINPIPES: Drilling at the lower profile allows for more flexible installation, and it also means that you have an easier time when connecting your drainage system to other parts of your home's plumbing.
View of drain system created for Cover Glass USA glass doors

The materials used in construction of our glass doors represent the best quality, and it's no exception with weatherstrips. They are made from top-of line UV protected polycarbonate that automatically interlocks when panels come together to close at H Channeling for complete seals without any gaps left unnotice

Closeup of frameless glass door track

Curious about installing frameless sliding glass doors

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