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10 ways to renovate your home

If you plan to change the look of your home, you may consider a home renovation.

It is a major project that shouldn't be considered simple.

You would need to deal with a lot of things at every stage of renovation. 

That’s why, before you begin a home renovation, keep these things in mind.

Overlook any of these things during planning, and you come to regret it later.

To save you from stress, we’ve highlighted 10 things to include in your planning.

1. Don’t rush into it

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The same applies to your home renovation planning.

Of course, after looking at beautiful homes, you would be tempted to start right away.

But you should take your time, especially if you’ve just moved into a new house.

Start by discovering the areas that need to be fixed first.

Make sure you inspect the major issues such as these:

  • Plumbing issues
  • Pest infestation
  • Water issues
  • Or issues in the electrical system

2. Make a list of home improvements you need

Panoramic View Of Painting Equipments On The Wooden Table Against The Gray Background

If you aren’t sure where to start, make a list of areas that need to be upgraded.

Start by picking one room – let’s say, a bedroom – and think about what improvements it needs.

Include anything in your list from LED lighting to fresh painting of your choice.

Or, in the case of a bathroom, you may want to consider a powder room. Just simply don’t forget the wall tiles and grout!

The possibilities are endless when you know what exactly you want!

Just simply try to prioritize the things based on how important they are. And create milestones that you need to complete.

3. Work with a professional designer

Once you know what to change, you can select a home designer. A professional designer would come up with plenty of home improvement ideas.

Though they charge a fee, professional designers can make your home project just the way you imagine.

They know which element to add or remove to meet your goals.

Besides, they help you with pretty much everything, even if your project budget is small.

To get started, just make sure you choose the right designer.  Once you find a couple of designers check out your work portfolio and see if it matches what you want.

This will save you plenty of time!

4. Double your budget

Believe it or not, the cost can increase at any stage of home renovation.

You might even end up adding several hundred to your project.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, don’t forget to add more to your budget.

It is because the costs and expenses of any materials can change anytime.

Here are some of the ways you can save money:

  • Choose local materials, items, and hardware
  • Or maybe, choose the cost-effective suppliers (compare who offers the best deals)
  • DIY – for example, painting the walls yourself or tackling a tile job

5. Expect extra time in your plan

Let’s say you have planned to finish the task of renovating your bathroom.

You feel that you may be able to get it remodeled in less than a month.

But there are two aspects to this.

First, if you’re managing some tasks yourself, it might take you a longer time than expected. It is because you might have other tons of things to take care of.

Second, if you’ve hired a contractor, he might be able to do it within your timeline.

Though a timeline (starting to the completion date) is essential, you should always add a contingency period.  You never know what you miss during any stage of the work. So you should consider unexpected delays.

6. Expect dust during renovation

“Dust, dust everywhere!” is what you’ll say during the remodeling of your house.

Though construction mess is normal, you can still manage to avoid it.

And there are easy ways to do that before you start a home renovation. Firstly, clear the area where construction is going to take place. Secondly, cover everything or move the items to a closed room.

You can also put in air filters and run them during construction time.

7. Finding qualified contractors take time


Being a homeowner, you should never hand over the task of remolding to any contractor.

The low bids may seem tempting at first. But as the work begins, you might face disappointment.

Of course, qualified contractors aren’t easy to find.

But once you sit down and do your research, you would end up finding the right one.

Start by looking up the best contractors in your area. Be sure to browse their past work and reviews.

Or better yet, ask your friends or people you may know for recommendations.

8. Permits may be needed

Before you begin a home renovation, you should also look into permits.

Depending on where you live, you would need a permit for home renovation.

Though getting a permit is a hassle, it’ll save you in the long run.

Try visiting the website for the building department and check to see if you need it.

9. Some things may go wrong

During home renovation, some things are bound to go wrong.

At any stage of construction, you might incur unexpected expenses or end up with designs you regret choosing.

You can avoid major issues by ensuring you, the designer, and the contractor is on the same page.

10. Take baby steps with a small project

frameless sliding glass doors

Going for a complete home renovation may seem daunting for many homeowners.

In fact, big projects could take a lot of time and planning.

So it’s a good idea you take baby steps if you don’t have the budget or time. Try opting for sliding glass doors. These are budget-friendly and perfect for every home renovation project.

Cover Glass offers the best stylish home renovation deals.

The frameless glass systems from Cover Glass not only beautify your house but also increase its value of it.