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Everything is bigger in Texas, and Cover Glass's frameless patio doors and windows are no exception. Get ready for bigger views, bigger living spaces and also bigger property values. Our frameless sliding Glass Doors Houston walls will create an architecturally sophisticated and totally unique architecturally design for your home or business.

Maybe you want to bring views of the wooded mountain slopes, ochre plateaus and the wide golden valleys of the Lone Star state into your living room? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to efficiently cool down your BBQ restaurant during the long, hot summer as temperatures creep up into the triple digits? Whatever your design goal, your friendly Texas Cover Glass distributor is here to make it happen.

For more than 30 years, glass coverage has been the reliable choice of builders, homeowners, architects and also business owners throughout the Texas. Combining a fully customizable design with world-class engineering, our frameless glass doors will transform any space. From opening and modernizing offices in Houston to adding a wall of windows to a home for panoramic views of Lake Austin, we've reinvented architecture in every corner of Texas. Take a look at this before and after project on our blog.


Looking outside bedroom doors

Houston is gathering pot of people, with the spirit of family and comfort wafting through every corner of this majestic city. 

Cover Glass allows you to fully take in the beauty of the city and luscious greeneries. All the frames have been removed to give a picture perfect view. This is a unique product that you can’t find anywhere else and will absolutely elevate your space to the next level.

Patio with open frameless glass doors

The system adds a sense of opulence and amplifies a space’s beauty while providing a modern and sleek open floor plan feel to the environment. This is a one-of-a-kind product that is both beautiful to view and can increase your property’s value and quality in the long run. 

Looking into home from patio

The sliding doors also stack neatly, at 1 in per panel to give a minimatic design and feel to the space. There are also magnetized door stops to keep the panels stacked together so even in turbulent conditions they are sure to stay put. 

Patio with three doors slightly open

No matter the season of weather, the Cover Glass system allows your home to be ventilated to your preferences. For example, in the blistering summer heat, you can open up the system completely for a nice brush of wind but in the fall months you keep the doors half opened and closed to keep an insulated but cool environment. 

No matter your needs, you can adjust the doors to keep the air flow you desire. 

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors
You get absolute security and safety with Cover Glass.

There is no chance of getting these top-quality panels tempered. Neither one can remove them from their tracks, nor can they be lifted up off the window panes. Nobody can break through the glass in any way.

There is a brilliant locking system that is built inside each panel. It needs an activated mechanism to open the windows and then close them without any gaps whatsoever.
The frameless glass of Cover Glass is perfect for protecting you against the fierce 222mph winds of Santa Barbara.

Looking into home through frameless door

Low-E technology or low emissivity glass technology, is added to our panels to restrict the use of energy by 50%. Whereas panels created with conventional silicate or Plexiglas coatings expand the usage of energy. 

Due to this, you may save on costs of heating and cooling due to enhanced insulation from all heat sources. On top of all of this, the glass panels also protect you, your loved one and your home from harmful UV rays. 

FEATURES of folding glass doors

While our system process may look a little complicated, it is actually made that way to give the system a smooth and elegant glide. To keep the doors  in place while giving them an effortless look, there are hidden sliders in your ceiling. 

The slider wheels are enclosed within the tracks. Due to this the track system stays clean and neat because the wheel assembly is working with gravity. With this, the design and assembly is simple and straightforward so in case of maintenance the components are easy to access. 

The bottom track can be flushed with floor so there are tripping hazards or major cleaning problems. There is no need for ledges or hooks, and you can complete daily tasks without any hurdles. 

The frameless glass allows for one continuous image not disturbed by any unseemly frames or beams. The Low-E glass used protects against UV rays while allowing perfect clarity when installed. The glass doors go through a vigorous process to make sure that the materials are high-quality and good for your home. They are made with translucent polycarbonate channels that provide a tight seal and no gaps. 

Cover Glass offers unique and custom specification for each system made, allowing you to make and install a system that is right for you and your needs. Our highly-trained staff have years of experience and will help you make your space into exactly what you want.

Our system uses a bi-fold door system which has a versatile nature and can fit your airflow needs. You can pick any combination of open and closed panels to allow you are your loved ones to be relaxed and in comfort. Our flexibility in product puts our glass doors at the top of the market. There are so many options that you make to suit your needs.

The safety of your home is one thing that can never be compromised. Our designers have taken this into account while designing frameless glass doors, giving you an internal locking hardware system so there is no unwanted intruders!

With our secure deadbolts, you can rest easy knowing that no one will be able to listen in on your conversations or enter without breaking a glass door.

With our wide range of options, we make sure that you get the perfect lock for your door. Whether it is to keep intruders out or secure against theft!

Winds can be strong. But we've used advanced magnetized technology in making our glass panels to keep your frameless door stable and secure no matter what happens!

Looking into kitchen from patio with open frameless glass doors

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

 Cover Glass has developed a product that makes it easy and smooth. The upper track profile is top-hung, while the lower one supports it with its weight so you can open your glass without any hassle or difficulty at all!

With its sleek and stylish design, you can be sure that this is a product for those who love their home fully equipped with all modern amenities. The glass panel provides an accurate representation of what's happening inside as well!

There's more to the benefits of our system. No matter if you want it flush with your floor on either side, or hidden and covered up for a cleaner look - we've got options that will suit every need!

Once we have a clean opening from you or your contractor, the installation of our frameless sliding glass walls is a very simple two-step process that can be done all the same day. Before we can start, we will need any obstruction to be removed before installation begins, which includes having the header and sides both exposed.

If you want to recess the bottom track so that it matches with your finished flooring, we will need the cut into the floor to be provided beforehand. We will work with you and/or your contractor to provide all the necessary details.

The initial stage of the installation consists of weatherproofing the frameless glass, installation of the top and bottom track, and the drilling of weep holes or drainpipes (depending on your property requirements). 

 During the next phase, we will then fit the glass into the tracks and complete the installation process. In terms of installation duration, it takes approx. one working day per system and a total lead time of just under a month fully installed. This may vary depending on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) pre-existing schedules and customer demand.

Cover Glass is a company that benefits its customers in every way possible. We do our own drainage, either by using one of two different techniques

  1. The water is easily drained off through the holes we have drilled at base.
  2. Drilling holes is always an option, but this time we go for the lower profile. That way you can attach connectors linked with any other drainage system in your home!

There are no gaps left unsealed, and nothing gets into the channel unnoticed. The materials used in construction represent top quality--the case for our weatherstrips is made of UV-protected polycarbonate - an incredibly durable material that automatically interlocks when glass panels come together to close at H-Channel. The durability will ensure your doors last while still looking sleek on any property!

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