Sliding Glass Door Advanced Drainage System

Customized Installation of weep holes or pipes

Video thumbnail of Cover Glass installer explaining drainage system
Video thumbnail of Cover Glass installer explaining drainage system

A window drainage system that sets standards worldwide

Amazing exterior sliding glass doors are nothing without proper window drainage, and we know how to install the perfect draining system to your home.

When an exterior sliding glass door drainage system is not installed correctly, or not sized correctly, the lack of window drainage can cause severe damage to your home. Luckily, Cover Glass does all of its window drainage installations when we come to your property and depending on your specific project needs and exposure, we have two standard drainage options:


We create (individual) weep holes at the lowest point at the front of our track, which allows any water that hits the glass - and runs into the track - to seamlessly seep through the openings created. Ideally, we like to have one weep hole per panel but will assess what each project requires individually.

weepholes for frameless glass system

Front view. Weep Holes at lowest point.

drain pipes for glass doors

Front view. Drains at lowest point.

Drain Pipes

We attach drain pipes (to either the lowest point at the front of the track or directly underneath the track) to remove any water that may get into the sliding glass door track, which connects to your landscape, drainage or other systems you might have installed. Our drain pipes come in either ½” or 3/8” W and are made of durable yet flexible polycarbonate that can be covered completely

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