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Frameless Patio Doors Lake Havasu

Open Your Home With Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Turn Your Lake Havasu Home Into A Paradise

Benefits of Frameless sliding doors

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Cover Glass' frameless folding windows and doors allow homeowners, home builders or architects the opportunity to experience wide open views. The elegant design offers an unobstructed view of a gorgeous Lake Havasu sunset and is great for entertaining guests!

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Installing our frameless folding glass doors will not only bring a luxurious element to your property, but they'll also add livable space and enhance viewpoints. Our customers love their Cover Glass sliding framed windows because it's quick and easy installation with no need for scaffolding or other construction equipment!

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Cover Glass provides the highest quality frameless glass that only takes up 1 inch per panel when stacked. Our innovative folding windows allow for a thin stac allowing you to customize your system functionality by stacking them either on the left or right side. It's all about personal preference! This can open up homes seamlessly blending inside with outside beauty

Patio with three frameless glass doors slightly open

Cover Glass’ frameless folding windows allow customers the ability to open or close as many of their sliding glass panels at once. They can also choose whether just one panel should be opened, all but one (or none!), partially lowered for air flow through homes in hot weather conditions like summertime living rooms -- which saves on utility bills!

Beautiful view from inside home through frameless glass doors

These top-quality panels are nearly impossible to break through. They're both strong and durable, so there's no chance of them being removed from their tracks or lifted up off the window panes without damaging either yourself or any nearby structures in order do it! There isn't even space for an agile burglar with tools such as sledgehammers - this glass will resist all attempts at breaking apart its structure completely (although he could probably manage some scratches).

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The use of low-emissivity glass technology found in the glass panels can reduce your energy costs by up to 50%. The system provides you with the perfect balance of insulation from all sources and complete protection on sunny days. It also saves money by not having to heat or cool your home during winter or summer seasons!

FEATURES of folding glass doors


The frameless glass ceiling system makes opening and closing doors a breeze. This smooth process becomes effortless with our sliding door technology, which hides away inside your walls for an easy installation!

With the top hung system, your home's interior design stays intact because of an absence of potentially harmful elements. The wheel assembly is completely enclosed inside sturdy tracks and gravity acts on it to keep clean and tidy conditions which makes maintenance easy as well quick when necessary!

The top-hung frameless folding glass door is a successful solution to all of your tripping hazards and cleaning problems. Its bottom track creates an easy transition from room to room as soon as it's dropped into the foundation, allowing you no longer need ledges or hooks for tasks completed without any hindrance! 

The frameless glass door is a great addition to any home. Not just for its clarity and UV protection, but also because it's an easy way of adding value with less investment! These sturdy, high-quality frameless panels go through a robust construction process. They have tight sealing to ensure there are no gaps in between them and maximize light reaching us indoors while still being safe for loved ones 

Cover Glass has a proven track record of providing high quality products and services to our customers. We are proud that we can complete projects in such diverse environments, from residential homes all the way through commercial buildings!


Cover Glassworks can create custom openings to fit your needs. Our experts have years of experience installing frameless sliding doors indoors and outdoors, so we're here for you if turn-your dreams into reality!

The flexibility and functionality of our folding glass doors is unmatched in the market. With an individual sliding panel, you can either open it entirely or make gaps for natural ventilation depending on your needs!

The bi-fold door system enables you to choose how much airflow we allow into our home. You can open one slide and let some fresh air in for a while, keeping the other section closed; or keep both sections opened so that your entire house is always ventilated well without feeling stuffy or overbearing!

The safety of your home is one thing that can never be compromised. Our designers have taken this into account while designing frameless glass doors, giving you an internal locking hardware system so there is no unwanted intruders!


With our secure deadbolts, you can rest easy knowing that no one will be able to listen in on your conversations or enter without breaking a glass door.


With our wide range of options, we make sure that you get the perfect lock for your door. Whether it is to keep intruders out or secure against theft!

Winds can be strong. But we've used advanced magnetized technology in making our glass panels to keep your frameless door stable and secure no matter what happens!

TECHNICAL INFORMATION of folding glass doors

 Cover Glass has developed a product that makes it easy and smooth. The upper track profile is top-hung, while the lower one supports it with its weight so you can open your glass without any hassle or difficulty at all!

With its sleek and stylish design, you can be sure that this is a product for those who love their home fully equipped with all modern amenities. The glass panel provides an accurate representation of what's happening inside as well!

There's more to the benefits of our system. No matter if you want it flush with your floor on either side, or hidden and covered up for a cleaner look - we've got options that will suit every need!

Closeup of glass door meeting wooden floor
  1. Cover Glass is a company that benefits its customers in every way possible. We do our own drainage, either by using one of two different techniques

    1. The water is easily drained off through the holes we have drilled at base.
    2. Drilling holes is always an option, but this time we go for the lower profile. That way you can attach connectors linked with any other drainage system in your home!

    View of drain system created for Cover Glass USA glass doors

There are no gaps left unsealed, and nothing gets into the channel unnoticed. The materials used in construction represent top quality--the case for our weatherstrips is made of UV-protected polycarbonate - an incredibly durable material that automatically interlocks when glass panels come together to close at H-Channel. The durability will ensure your doors last while still looking sleek on any property!

Closeup of frameless glass door track

Curious about installing frameless sliding glass doors

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