Sliding glass door installation

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A seamless Sliding Glass Door Installation process begins with meticulous planning

Frameless Glass installation of our sliding windows and doors is a two-step process that begins with inheriting a clean opening from you and/or your contractor. All systems that might obstruct or interfere with our tracks must be removed; this includes leaving the header and sides exposed.

If you are interested in recessing the bottom track of your glass sliding door so it can sit flush with your finished flooring, we would also need you and/or a contractor to provide the cut into the floor (we will work with you and the contractor to provide all these details).

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Phase One

After the rough opening is ready, phase one of our installation begins – we weatherproof, install our track, and drill for weep holes. As soon as we are complete with this, we laser measure and order the glass from our supplier, taking roughly 10-12 days for processing and shipping.

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Phase Two

Once we receive the sliding glass panels we come back for phase two. During this phase, we install them and complete the frameless glass installation process. The full installation takes approximately one working day per 18 feet of track or glass, with a total lead time of about 3–4 weeks fully installed. Completed time of glass installation may vary depending on demand and our pre-existing schedule.

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