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Track of frameless sliding glass doors.

For many homeowners, sliding doors are ideal, especially for connecting the patio and living areas. Another reason why people like sliding doors is that they provide a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

The almost invisible top-hung system of sliding doors makes this possible.  Unlike another mount system of sliding doors, it’s not a raised bottom track.

It’s a modern mount system of sliding patio doors that features a ton of benefits.

In this post, we will highlight 8 benefits of lower glass track profile!

1. Clear and unobstructed views

contemporary sliding patio walls

Do you want clear beautiful views with no visible track system? A lower glass track profile should be your choice.

The track profile that comes with these modern sliding doors is slim in thickness as if it is invisible!

Thanks to its design, the top-hung bottom track measures 1 ¾ inches wide and 2 ¼ inches high. No bottom-rolling tracks or any other hardware!

2. Takes up little room

Living room with frameless glass doors

A slim profile is what makes this system space-saving!

This system takes a small space, so you can have plenty of space for your furniture and other stuff.

And, of course, this makes your room look spacious and airy.

So if you already have a small area, you should opt for this option for your patio.

3. No barrier between interior and exterior

Kitchen and living room with stacked frameless glass sliding doors.

The bottom track of top-hung sliding doors makes connecting your interior and exterior a piece of cake.

There is no barrier that you can spot around this system. You would only see the smooth clearance of indoor-outdoor.

It would feel as if both interior and exterior are one single wide room!

And this is what we call “a seamless transition” – no hardware barriers in sight!

4. Safe navigation for pets and kids

Frameless sliding glass door track.

The safety of the kids and pets is a common concern for homeowners.

You wouldn’t want your kid to trip over a raised track. Besides, pets could find it tricky to move from indoors to outdoors if the track is raised.

The lower glass track profile means that there’s a lower threshold.

If installed and maintained properly, the recessed track would be ideal for families with kids and pets.

5. Smooth operation (easy to open and close)

frameless sliding glass doors hallway

What’s the point of a modern door if you can’t open it with one swift move?

Luckily, the lower glass track profile makes the operation as smooth as a cheesecake.

You simply have to open it, and the panels will glide along the tracks.

For this smooth operation, it’s important to maintain a lower track profile.

Thanks to its upper and lower tracks, the panel of slide glass stays in its place. This helps you operate it effortlessly!

6. Safe and secure

air gaps for living room

The lower-track profile may seem as if it is invisible. But this is what allows the door system to be safe and secure.

The lower track of your door is well-fitted with stainless steel fasteners. This would keep your door secure, so no one can easily remove it!

7. Waterproof and weather-resistant

weatherproof sliding glass doors for patio

Believe it or not, it’s hard to find a patio doorway system that works as a rain-barrier system.

But it’s not going to be the case any more thanks to weather-resistant top-hung sliding doors.

This type of patio door prevents rain from entering your interior space!

At the time of installation, the company ensures fitting drainpipes or weep holes. These are perfectly fitting, so the water slides down and gets removed.

Think of it as a drainage system that would keep your doors waterproof!

Another advantage of this door system is that it withstands weather elements. The finish of kynar and powder coating around its track profile makes it weather-resistant!

8. Versatile

white living room frameless glass

This glass door system is so flexible that it can easily adjust in any of your preferred locations.

You can use it to transform any room into a place that offers spectacular views.

You can style it in any place around your home, however, you like!

The options of its versatility are endless!

Flush lower tracks make a difference

frameless sliding glass doors mission beach

For those who want comfort, coziness, and beautiful views along with other benefits, this system is an excellent choice.

Incorporate the open system of your choice with a top-hung sliding glass door system from Cover Glass!