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The beautiful season of summer is almost here!

That means it’s a perfect time for summer lovers to hit the beach or Water Park.

But, at the same time, it’s a season of scorching temperatures – leaving you drenched in sweat.

So what choice do you have? Of course, you’d say, “To go home and chill by blasting the air-con.”

But that would only increase your energy bills!

But don’t worry because there are plenty of ways to keep your house cool. So no matter how hot it gets outside, you can always come back home to cool in your living space.

1. Allow a cool breeze through your windows

wall of seamless patio doors San Diego

Many people around the world have no air conditioning to cool their houses.

So how do they combat summer? Of course, they let nature do its magic.

Similarly, you can also allow the cool breeze of nature in your house through your windows. Find the right time to open your windows – morning or evening would be the best!

Let the fresh air naturally circulate in your house by cross-ventilation or a cool breeze.

Just be sure to open windows only when the outside temperature is too high.

2. Block the sunlight with curtains or blinds

A woman closing curtains in summer

Sure, opening your windows is one way to cope with high temperatures. But if your place is exposed to direct sunlight, you’d need to try another alternative.

“Which one is it?” You may ask. Well, if you guessed “curtains and blinds,” you’re absolutely right.

The curtains and blinds help you in blocking the direct sunlight. In fact, their material is what prevents the heat from entering your house. Just be sure to close them when the temperature goes up!

Even better, go for solar shades or roller shades.

3. Change the direction of your ceiling fans

Reverse ceiling fans

You may or may not know this, but your ceiling fan can rotate in two directions – clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Both of these settings have special functions, especially when the seasons change.

So when it’s summer, change its rotation to counter-clockwise. And you’d feel the difference in the breeze. The air coming from a fan will blow down, making you feel cool.

Not sure how to do it? It’s simple to check your fan to see if it has a switch or a button somewhere at the base. Just toggle it, and you’re good to go!

4. Dehumidify the air

Using dehumidifiers to keep your home cool in summer

It can get uncomfortable to live in a house with high levels of humidity, especially in the summer.

The excess humidity in your home can make it hotter than it already is.

That is why many prefer to use dehumidifiers, which help in decreasing high levels of moisture.

Place these cutesy dehumidifiers in any room that has high humidity.

As for the other areas of the house, like, the bathroom, for example. Be sure to install an exhaust fan. And soon, you’ll start to see a difference in your atmosphere!

5. Try cooking outside

A man cooking outside in summer

Even if you’ve managed to control the heat in your house, a kitchen is a place that can easily get hot.

A person who cooks in the kitchen can feel uncomfortable at the thought of being inside a warm kitchen.

So what should be the solution for it?

Of course, grab your cooking materials and step outside (preferably in your backyard). Find a spot that has enough shade, so you can cook pleasantly while enjoying the light breeze.

Also, don’t forget to try out plenty of ways to cook whatever you prefer like grilled meals, for example.

6. Create plenty of shade

Shade for keeping your house cool in summer

The air-conditioning does a good at keeping your interior space cool.

But there are even better and energy-bill-saving ways of keeping your house cool from the outside. And that is by providing plenty of shade around your house.

The good thing is that there are plenty of ways that you can use to create shade.

The easiest one is to install awnings (the ones that most shops have.)

Though you can create shade by planting trees around your home, it can take time. That’s because some trees may need a considerable time to mature in height.

But don’t worry because there’s another quick way (read below) to keep your house cool.

7. Use Frameless Glass Doors

sliding glass doors over looking ocean

Believe it or not, there’s nothing quite like minimizing the heat and enjoying the view.

That’s what modern doors such as frameless glass doors do for you!

The frameless glass doors at Cover Glass aren’t made of ordinary glass. These are made of Low-E glass coatings that prevent UV light and infrared rays from heating your living space.

And the best part is their seamless design that allows you to watch uninterrupted views of your outside.

What’s more, these doors will not affect your energy bills (especially during summer)!

8. Get a home energy audit done

A man conducting home energy audit in summer

Even after you’ve tried every way to beat the heat, you might still find it hot in your house.

If that’s the case, it’s best to get your house checked for energy efficiency.

If you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, get a professional auditor for this job.

They will assess everything from your insulation to your doors. Doing so would help them to know from where the air is leaking.

And finally, when it is done, they would recommend providing you with the recommendations. For most, it’s this part that makes them consider this audit.

After all, who wouldn’t want to know how to keep the house cool with helpful recommendations?

9. Cool down with frameless sliding glass doors

image of sliding doors

Unlike traditional doors, frameless sliding glass doors make the temperature of your living space bearable. The Cover Glass frameless sliding doors allow you more than just beautify your house.

These doors are designed to improve air circulation in your house.

So when the sun goes down, you can slide open the doors. And when it’s hot during the day, you can keep it closed while also enjoying the views.

Ultimately, you will bring down your energy bills this way!