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Best Examples of Folding Glass Doors for Kitchens (2023)

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Many homeowners are ditching traditional solid doors for their kitchens. And they’re switching to folding glass doors instead!

After all, who doesn’t want to achieve a modern sleek look for their kitchen?

Thankfully, glass doors make it possible.

There are a couple of reasons why you should also consider adding them to your kitchen. And that’s what we’ve highlighted in this post (Best examples of kitchens with folding glass doors.)

So read on to learn how folding glass doors for the kitchen can ultimately transform your home aesthetics!

Modern indoor-outdoor design for kitchen

Modern kitchen with frameless glass doors

For years, many homeowners have preferred the closed kitchen layout. Though it provides you the privacy to cook, it’s now an outdated design idea.

Now imagine cooking in a space that flows onto the deck like in this example. The best part? it gets better in the evening, especially when you’re hosting a dinner party!

For anyone who is an at-home party person, this type of kitchen should be your choice.

And it’s as simple as adding folding glass doors to your kitchen!

Perfectly Seamless kitchen and living area blend

kitchen glass wall panels

No walls, no dividers, just glass connecting the kitchen and living area beautifully!

With this design, you can step into your kitchen from your sitting area without having to open a door!

It’s like an invisible wall made of glass doors, creating an easy flow to the kitchen and living area. This is the best option for those who enjoy catering to guests while cooking. It’s as if letting your guests know that you’re around – making delicious meals for them!

The best feature of glass doors is that there’s no fear of tripping over. It is because the lower track profile is recessed.

Expanding your living space

stacked to the left frameless glass

Another example shows that integrating the living area and kitchen has made the whole area spacious. It’s roomy and well-connected, giving it a modern look!

The glass panels are stacked to the left to make it look wide open!

Patio-based kitchen with dedicated sitting area

patio doors San Diego ca

The kitchen that opens to your patio, also known as an outdoor kitchen, is gaining popularity among homeowners. This is a good example of an outdoor kitchen that we built for this house using glass doors.

It not only connects the kitchen to the patio, but it also illuminates the kitchen. Because of this feature, homeowners can expect energy savings.

Using this type of kitchen design means that you can always do outdoor cooking. Besides, you won’t have to bring your whole kitchen outside when it’s a grilling party!

Gravy on top: enhances home's curb appeal and value

kitchen added value

A well-designed kitchen like this one, for example, adds curb appeal and increases home value. The kitchen with folding glass doors makes the kitchen interior look better. You can relax by watching the views while the meal gets ready through these glass doors.

And if the temperature gets sweltering hot, you can open the door to let the cool breeze in.

Plus, the benefits are endless – from picturesque kitchen design to adding value to the overall home.

The examples of folding glass doors for kitchens highlight all of these benefits. As a homeowner, always prioritize your needs for every area in your home. If you want to design a modern outdoor kitchen, consider investing in a high-quality glass system.

At Cover Glass, we turn many homeowners’ dreams of a modern outdoor kitchen into a reality with premium glass door systems!