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Why Folding Doors Are The New Alternative To Traditional Patio Doors

image of folding doors open

The 2nd most used opening in your home (patio doors) might be worth looking into an upgrade! Replacing old patio doors with folding doors can turn any house into a more functional, stylish place.


It's no wonder that these renovations have become so popular over time - they provide people both outdoor living space while protecting their homes from weather elements like rain or snow.


Here I will explore why replacing your singular functional sliding patio doors or even french doors may actually make sense to replace with the proper folding glass doors.

An Investment That Will Last

With the new generation of folding glass walls, there are many benefits that come with owning them. They can be opened and closed easily from either side increasing your home space and home value.


These new designs are actually much safer and last much longer than traditional patio doors that consistently need repairs after a few years making them a great investment.

Custom Folding Doors Fit Any Home And Angle

image of ocean view

Just look at that view! Even with curved tricky angles, folding glass doors can be made custom to fit every unique project, with the right manufacturer.


Cover Glass USA is a frameless folding glass door company that designs, manufactures, and installs their bifold door system so they can be sure to make tough angles like these work to perfection.

New Tech vs. Old Traditional

We've touched base on this before with traditional sliding glass doors breaking down only after a few years. The lock seams to stop working, the door seems to get heavier over time or maybe it's the rust between the rails where the glass door slides.


With modern technology, sliding door systems are more efficient to not only last longer but to operate effortlessly.


Top Hung System: The bottom track on our folding glass door system is designed to be a wheel guide and not put any pressure whatsoever against the glass panels. Our top hung design means that you cannot lift or pry out an individual panel, which will keep your installation secure for years into the future as well! Click Here to learn more about Top-Hung Systems

Interlocking Hardware: Our deadbolt locks both at the top and bottom of our first panel allow for an effective yet concealed look. This ensures your safety while still allowing you to enjoy seamless access through this system with no locks taking up space on any other panels, if that's what interests you most about it!

Magnetic Stacking Panels: You can be confident that your frameless glass door is safe with us. We've equipped each panel of our doors not only for strength, but also magnetism so they'll stay in place no matter what!

image of bifolding door