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Should you choose top-hung or bottom-rolling sliding glass?

Sliding patio doors

For years, sliding glass doors have been a popular pick for many homeowners.

The best part is that you get to choose the hardware and style based on your preferences.

Generally, sliding glass doors come with various system design options. However, there are two common systems that you have to choose from.

These are top-hung and bottom-rolling systems of sliding glass doors. For your house, you can pick between these two.

To help you out, we will walk you through the differences between top-hung and bottom-rolling. So you can make a smart choice for your home!

Aesthetic appeal


Whenever a homeowner has to choose sliding glass doors, they prioritize style and aesthetic appeal.

After all, the beautiful design of your door system would enhance the look of your home.

It makes you wonder, “Which system should I choose for aesthetic appeal?”

Top-hung system

The top-hung system is made keeping in mind the aesthetic and style. It means this system doesn’t compromise on its aesthetics. The fabulous clear panel is made of glass, so you won’t see any hardware!

And the best part? The top-hung system ensures the bottom track is recessed. It means you won’t see or trip over the bottom track.

Bottom rolling system

You can achieve a beautiful aesthetic appeal with this system of sliding doors as well.

But there’s one caveat though: the lower track profile can’t be recessed.

And because of that, you will have a visible track profile with rollers.

So if you want a door with spectacular views, the top-hung system should be your choice



Door security can be a concern for many homeowners. That’s why it’s best to choose a door system that prevents the risk of breaking the door.

Top-hung system

This system works as a protected wall of glass that is suspended from the track. It provides better security and protection against intruders.

And because the track profile is streamlined, nobody can remove or lift it out the door from its track.

What’s more, the locking mechanism is made perfectly for added protection.

Bottom-rolling system

Like the top-hung system, the bottom-rolling comes with a secure locking mechanism.

However, the downside is that no matter how secure it is, the door can be lifted from its tracks.

It is because the roller track is visible and isn’t streamlined like a top-hung track profile.

Compatible with your space


Before you choose between these two systems, you should check their compatibility with your building. Both systems differ in their applicability.

Top-hung system

The top-hung system has tracks that need to be mounted in the ceiling. It means that your house has to provide support for the upper tracks for the installation.

The good thing is that this system fits into various layouts.

Whether you’ve curved, curvilinear, or other openings in your home, the top-hung system can fit easily.

Plus, you get plenty of floor space as this system has no rollers in its bottom track.

Bottom rolling

The advantage of bottom rolling is that these are light in weight. And these would be more suitable for small homes.

Of course, it is affordable, but it offers limited features.

For example, if your home has uneven flooring, your bottom rolling wouldn’t easily fit. Though it would fit in some cases, it might tilt or lose its structure. And when this happens, you might have trouble operating it.

So if this is something you want to avoid, it’s best to consider the top-hung system for your property.



The function of the door system is just as important as its aesthetic and other features. For this reason, you should look at how easy it is to operate. At any rate, you should invest in a system that offers smooth operation.

Top-hung system

Though considered heavy doors, this system of top hung provides smooth operation.

You don’t need to slide it using both of your hands. Instead, with one swift motion, you can slide it all the way.

Thanks to its recessed track, the top-hung system allows everyone to open it easily. So whether you have kids or guests coming, they won’t have to deal with any inconvenience.  

Bottom rolling

This system of slide doors features wheels or rollers, which help support the glass panel.

Though it is easy to open, sometimes you might have to open it with force.

Apart from this, the debris can accumulate, preventing the door from operating smoothly.

So if you want to have ease of operation, consider picking a top-hung system.

Care and Maintenance


It’s a fact that no homeowner wants to deal with maintenance costs.

That’s the reason why you must choose the system wisely.

So you don’t have to pay extra for maintenance or to deal with cleanup yourself.

Top-hung system

Again, the top-hung system tops this feature as its track profile is recessed. So no dirt would accumulate in the tracks that would require cleanup!

Besides, the design with which this system is constructed ensures that it stays clean for years.

And you won’t have to worry about cleaning it yourself!

Another best aspect of this system is that its lower track is flushed to the floor. So no corners or track would need cleanup. And you would find the door running smoothly.

Bottom rolling

This system, as its name suggests, comes with wheels. The wheels and rollers can get dirty and would require regular care. As a result, you would need to clean it up regularly.

While both need care and maintenance, you should pick one that’s more suitable for your home.


weatherproof sliding glass doors for patio

Believe it or not, some areas and locations with harsh weather may damage your door system.

So it’s best to consider choosing a door system that is weather-friendly!

Top-hung system

Featuring drainpipes and weep holes, the top-hung system prevents tracks from filling up with rainwater. Besides, it is considered the best solution for areas that receive heavy snowfall.

Bottom rolling

The bottom rolling system is also weather-friendly, especially in areas with strong winds.

However, it may still not be suitable for when it rains if it has no water drainage feature.

Both systems have their benefits and downsides. In the end, it all boils down to what you prefer and what is more suitable for your home. Luckily, you can rely on Cover Glass for your sliding glass system. We will help you in choosing the system that best fits your needs!