Enclosed restaurant patio with frameless sliding glass doors.

Believe it or not, the value of your property or a physical store depends on its street appeal.

Without street appeal, how will you make your store stand out from competitors?

After all, you won’t be the only one selling stuff on the same street.

So to stand out from others, you should understand the importance of designing a storefront.

Read on if you’re a business owner with no knowledge about storefronts.

Essential element for brick-and-mortar business

Closed frameless sliding glass doors inside restaurant.

Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant or a retail store, you should invest time in designing the best storefront. Think of it as an advertisement of your products or services to the customers walking in the street. No matter how busy the street may be, if your storefront is beautiful, people will stop to take a sneak peek.

To create a good storefront, focus on these key elements:

  • The business type – Which products or services do you offer? How much do you charge? The decision to design a good storefront depends on the type of business you own. For instance, if it is a restaurant, you might go for a sign on the menu. That way, your business can lure prospective customers into your restaurant to try the new specialty.
  • The signage and branding – Again, you have to focus on signs to grab the attention of prospective customers walking on the street. The signs will also increase branding, meaning the more they see it, the more they’ll remember the brand.
  • Lights, décor, and colors – Your colors and lights should are important for business branding. Understand the nature of your business, so you know which colors and décor to add. Remember the light and big bold messages on the storefront can draw the prospective customers’ attention.
  • Clean entrance and display window – Passersby can easily judge the business if there’s a mess scattered around the sidewalk. So it’s best to declutter the space!  

The right choice of glass attracts the attention


After considering a ton of ideas for designing your storefront, you wouldn’t want to miss the important element.

Yes, the essential element that can make or break your storefront is the glass door!

To grab the eyes of passersby, you’ve to invest in a good glass door.

After all, it is the space where you can be creative with your ideas!

Whether you want to display a new item or a busy atmosphere inside the store, the right glass storefront will make it happen.

The glass storefront draws in customers


Most people tend to browse glass storefronts whenever they pass by one.

A good offer displayed on a storefront can turn window shoppers into customers.

This is why it is important to take advantage of this space to draw in customers.

You should use a clear glass window with promotional messages.

Be creative and minimalist when it comes to designing the storefront.

Make use of discounted offers, holiday sales, a takeout menu, and various ideas to attract people!

Tip: Always use a clear well-designed large glass window and make sure it is always clean and streak-free.

It makes your business stand out from the crowd

Enclosed frameless sliding glass doors inside restaurant next to table.

On the busy street, you find many physical stores alongside yours.

People walking by the street may or may not notice your business.

In that case, you’ve to stand out to grab their attention by making your business unique.

And the best way to do that is by designing a striking glass door that passersby can’t miss!

To stand out from the competition, be creative and don’t copy others.

Plus, stay consistent with your branding and try out new ideas.

With the right signage and glass doors, you can achieve this effortlessly!

With frameless glass doors, your business can have a beautiful view as well as plenty of natural light.

Remember that your business must have a better view, especially if it’s a restaurant or a physical store.

It is because the more enticing the view, the more people are likely to turn heads!

And this is especially true for oceanfront locations where prospective customers are more likely to visit for spectacular views!

It comes with many key advantages

shopping mall glass doors

Having a good storefront isn’t enough.

You have to install the best frameless glass doors and windows coupled with creative ideas!

And the best thing about installing glass for your store display is that it comes with benefits.

Here’s how the right glass for your storefront can be helpful for your business:

  • Provides more natural light – Your store will have plenty of natural light, so you know when to switch off extra lights!
  • Keeps store warm with Minimal Ultraviolet (UV) – Cover Glass uses Low-E technology for your business. So your store gets minimal ultraviolet and infrared light. It means the interior of the store stays warm!
  • Protects against weather conditions – The glass built by Cover Glass is strong enough. It keeps your storefront protected against harsh weather conditions.
  • Keeps your store secure – The clear display glass of the storefront can help curb shoplifting.


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