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Top 5 Things To Know Before Purchasing A Sliding Glass Doors

frameless sliding glass doors

People have been using sliding glass doors to add more functionality, style and light into any space since they were first invented. With the advancement of frameless sliding glass doors, they are now a modern technological invention that has become an essential part of the home and commercial property.


This versatile piece allows for seamless transitions between indoor spaces with its lightness, style, versatility, functionality as well as providing protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow without sacrificing comfort inside your own space! When you are looking for the best sliding glass doors for your space, there's a few things to consider: 


It’s important to know that your investment in a sliding glass door system will last over time, even if it's in high traffic areas. We’ve all experienced heavy, hard to close sliding doors. Our system is designed to move effortlessly for years to come. Choosing quality and durable materials and panes of glass is critical when longevity matters most! You'll want professional installation from someone who knows what they're doing. And if you’re thinking of installing frameless patio doors then you’ll want to work with a company that specializes only on this type of product.  We have years of experience installing frameless glass door systems all over California. 


The bottom-hung system is an outdated design that has been replaced by more modern doorways. This type of construction consists primarily of two rollers at the base with guides up top for stability, however this can be challenging when you need your door opened quickly because there's more weight concentrated near those wheels making movement very difficult without assistance!


Cover Glass USA is the leading manufacturer of top-hung frameless sliding glass door systems. We design our doors to be durable and lightweight, which allows them to provide optimal performance without sacrificing quality or style!

folding glass doors


Home is where the heart is as they say. That’s why it’s vitally important for your peace of mind to ensure your home is protected against ​​trespassers, bad weather, or any other kind of unwanted presence. 


The problem with traditional sliding glass doors is that they’re not really secure. Thieves and robbers know how to easily lift or pop these doors out of the track to break in. Or even just simply shatter the weak glass with something hard and do a grab and go. It’s imperative to have a sliding glass door system with a legit locking mechanism and capability to install an alarm system. 


We’ve designed our frameless system to be a top-hung system, meaning the weight of the system is supported by the header above the track rather than the weight of the system being forced down on wheels on the bottom track like traditional sliding glass doors. Our system allows the glass panels to remain in place and protect your home against break-ins or crazy wind conditions. 


To lock our system we offer a variety of locking options depending on the scope of the work or the client's preference. Our most popular sliding deadbolt lock is perfect to ensure there are no obstructions on the glass to maintain uninterrupted views! These deadbolts are attached at the top and bottom of our track inside the glazing channel. For systems that open to the inside, We have our “Pull Lock” option with an attached clear wand that can be removed as well to maintain the uninterrupted views as well. And for commercial buildings or people who prefer a standard key and lock, we have that available as well. (Please watch our video below that goes over our locking options in more detail) 


If you’ve done some market research, you know that installing a new sliding glass door system is not cheap. But this is an investment not only into your house that can increase your homes value but also an investment that can save you money on your energy bill if you choose the right sliding glass doors. For example, with frameless sliding doors, so much natural light is entered into the room during the day that there is no need to use electricity during daytime hours. 


In addition, unlike traditional sliding doors that use clear glazing, Cover Glass USA uses Low-E Glass Technology to help protect your home from the harmful UV rays from the sun and also keep your home nice and cool during the peak hours of the sun.

sliding glass door system


In a world where people are looking for something new and exciting, floor-to ceiling glass windows provide the perfect opportunity to add an elegant touch without breaking any budget. These futuristic designs will impress your guests with their impressive views while also making sure that natural light floods throughout every room in order to give you ample sunlight all day long!


The Cover Glass USA frameless glass door system is sleek, modern and efficient. Its 1 inch per panel thickness makes it the perfect choice for any home with limited space or an eye towards aesthetics! The hidden mounting hardware means you can install these doors without worrying about visible tracks that might get in your way. Our lower track can be recessed into the ground making for a smooth transition from inside to outside. 

frameless sliding glass door system


As you can now see, Cover Glass’ frameless sliding glass doors are not your ordinary glass door system yet it’s so simplistic in its design that it can fit into any home and dramatically change the entire feel of a space. Our product is truly a one-of-a-kind innovative way to look at architecture and design. Open your imagination with the possibilities of frameless glass doors for your next project! 


Learn more about our system by calling us @ (800) 317-2984, watch our full length showroom presentation, or even request an in-person visit. We are always here to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for reading our blog! Hope this helps you with your sliding glass door system choices!