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Use Bifold Doors To Blend Indoors & Outdoors

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Bifold doors are perfect for Southern California's climate and lifestyle for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors, but our hectic schedules often make us spend most of the time indoors. The lure of modern conveniences, television and family time often leaves us feeling domesticated.

We are no longer at the top our game in terms or physical fitness but rather investing more energy into staying comfortable inside with air conditioning on standby. Luckily, Cover Glass came up with a solution to make you feel outside while still inside!

1. Enjoy your meals outside

There's a certain magnetism that comes with being surrounded by nature. The sun is setting and the warm evening air brings gammy anticipation to your outdoor patio area, inviting you in for an intimate dinner party on one of our beautiful evenings! You walk out of your formal lounge into an expansive outdoor patio area that invites people to come together in harmony with one another as they enjoy nature's beauty around them on this perfect day for BBQs or al fresco dining!

2. Embrace Nature All Year Long

If you're looking for ways to keep your home feeling like a warm, welcoming place all year round then it's time that we change how things are done indoors. The best way to welcome the outside in during these warmer months is by welcoming all those cool breezes and rainbows into your home. With our frameless bifold doors, you can watch storms roll through while maintaining safety from harmful UV rays that will damage any other type of window or door!

ocean view with frameless glass doors

3. Increase Home Value

There are many reasons to consider adding a frameless sliding glass door system to your property. The first is that it will provide you with more floor space and an opportunity for capitalizing on all those gorgeous views from every room in the house!

Adding a frameless sliding glass door system to your property is an investment based on maximizing floor space and capitalizing from scenic views. Do you want to make the most of your floor space and increase your home value? Get rid if old-fashioned French patio doors and install frameless sliding glass door systems, which allow for more natural light in.

4. Maximize Your Outdoor living Space

Your home is the ultimate sanctuary, but opening up your patio can make it feel like a whole new world. The soothing view from an outdoor space will be sure to soothe you after any long day at work or school; while also providing extra utility for all those times when weather brings bad news (like rain). You can get as creative as you want with how you utilize outdoor spaces in order make the most out its potential with our frameless bifold doors.

5. Expand Your Home

You can have a beautiful home without breaking your budget! frameless sliding glass walls are an affordable and easy way to convert any room in the house so you get more than just space, but also enjoy incredible views from every corner. The conversion process is quick with no major building messes needed - it's perfect for those who want their renovation done quickly yet still look great inside-out