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Our doors and windows offer a lovely view of natural sunlight. Weatherproofing sliding glass door beautify your home even more due to their features. However, if your non-weatherproofed sliding glass doors have cracks, they could result in water leakage in your home or office. 

In most cases, you would have to repair the damages caused, and they usually come in no small amount. Typically, the repairs could cost around $8000.

You must prevent water leakages in your home or office. The UV rays from sunny days are another one to prevent from entering your home or office, even if they are mild. The light from the sun can cause harm to your wood, furniture, and skin. That is why you need to commit to weatherproofing sliding glass door.

Reasons for Weatherproofing Sliding Glass Doors

Weatherproofing is necessary for all houses with sliding glass doors, whether or not you live in a cold area. It assures maximum protection for your home or office on windy or wet days while ensuring your home’s energy efficiency keeps increasing. 

It might be challenging to maintain a cool temperature for your home or office during the summer season and a warm one during winter. 

The US Department of Energy vividly states that you can reap enormous benefits if you carry out appropriate waterproofing for your sliding door. They say it could help reduce your home cooling and heating bill, thereby ensuring you save about 20%. Door and window weatherproofing is a wise investment.

Benefits of Weatherproofing

Below are a majority of the benefits of weatherproofing your doors and windows;

  1. Weatherproofing prevents window leakage, which harms the wooden floors in your office or home.
  2. It improves the durability of your home or office furniture and interior.
  3. It helps to protect from the hazardous elements 
  4. Maintains a low energy bill, thereby helping you save more
  5. Prevents expensive repairs

How to Start Weatherproofing

Are you new to the concept of weatherproofing these doors, and you need an easy explanation? That is what you get when you proceed in reading this article. Here are how to cover glass weatherproof doors to yield better function and aesthetics:

  1. Low-E Glass Coatings

The initial thing to do in this coating type is to purchase glass panels with low-E glass coatings. They offer solar energy retention and thermal energy insulation. There is a lot to benefit from investing in this type of window regardless of its higher cost. 

Typically, compared to regular windows, a low-E glass coating costs about 10-15% more. Low-E glass also can reduce energy loss by about 30% to 50%. A cover class limits the possibility of lowering the AC during summer and increasing the thermostat in the winter.

You can also save your skin from any UV rays’ damaging effect and keep your wallet with a low–E glass coating. Cover Glass uses Pilkington’s Energy Advantage™ Low-E glass, which works to reflect latent room heat into the room.

  1. Interlocking Channels

It has interlocking channels to help prevent air, wind, and water leaks. Interlocking channels are also helpful in covering glass doors. 

  1. Sealed Tracks

Before any track installation, we use Protecto Wrap to reach a proper standard. Next is to fill any remaining gaps by applying the Sikaflex, widely known as the best sealant in the industry. 

The essence of adopting this pre-installation step is to protect against water leakage in your home, which can result in water damage that are both foul-smelling and costly. Adopting our track sealing assures aesthetic benefits and permits door installation. The door installation can occur at several angles such as 45°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 160°, 170°, and the standard 180° angles.

  1. Track Drains

Two water draining options come with this, but this depends on the degree of water exposure your home is at risk for. The possibilities are: Weep holes are drilled at the track’s lowest point to ensure any water will drain out of the track. Usually, one panel has an addition of one weep hole, although it depends on the project.

The drainpipes are usually located at the track’s base and typically run underneath or in front of the sliding track. The pipes consist of a flexible material called polycarbonate, and it is possible to hide it from view. It is worth noting that poor water drainage causes ceiling damage in a home or office.

  1. UV Protected Panels

You could notice that your weatherproofed exterior doors and windows do not function only on cold days. Each panel has a protective coat that reflects the sunlight’s harmful wavelength. The panels also absorb the necessary light and heat energy into your home or office room.

To block the infrared light, the heat source that causes an increase in temperature in your home is removed. It lets you save costs on air-conditioning and enjoy natural light as well. You can rest assured of a good retainment of your and your family’s skin and the color of your furniture despite their exposure to sunlight.

The cold weather will adversely affect your furniture if you weatherproof your sliding doors. It also helps you save costs for the long term. On the other hand, you risk spending more on cooling and heating costs with a sliding glass door that is vulnerable to the elements.

Additional Information About our Weatherproofed Glass Windows

We offer weatherproofing sliding glass door installations with essential features such as interlocking channels, sealed tracks, and UV protection. You can easily control your home’s temperature and ensure the water and UV rays are out. Contact us today to request a quote for weatherproofing your doors or windows.

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