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The evolution of glass has been an exciting journey with many improvements to keep up-to date architects satisfied. One such improvement is Low E, which offers diverse benefits for building owners and designers alike!

What Is Low-E Glass?

Low-E is a new, revolutionary material that reduces the penetration of UV and IR light while allowing visible spectrum to pass. This means you will get all those beautiful colors in your home without any damage! So what's the deal with Low-E? It sounds like you might need to know more about this new material before making your decision. So keep reading for all of that information!

Why you should consider using Low-e glass in your home or architecture project

We all know that UV light from the sun is very harmful to us, but did you know it's also very bad for your home? The sun's UV rays beat down on your furniture and home interior throughout the day causing it to lose its color, fade quickly or crackle with an unpleasant smell.

The solution? Low-E glass! This type of window protection helps keep you safe from these effects by minimizing what comes in through direct sunlight - meaning that even when there is snow outside covering up all forms of energy reaching us here at ground level; inside will always look beautiful thanks largely due this innovative glass technology.

2. Lower energy cost

The inside of your home and car can get really hot in the middle of summer when there's no cloud coverage. It makes sense then, that windows are one major source for causing extra heating costs during peak hours.

Heat streaming through glass can increase cooling costs by having to keep your A/C Unit running to keep your home cool. Low E glasses reduce Infrared light entering homes which helps lower heating bills too. this also makes life easier since staying cool is optimal for most people.

3. Visible Light

Tinting your windows can be a great way to decrease the amount of unwanted infrared and ultraviolet light that enters into your home, but it also reduces the amount of visible light to enter your home. When you install our low-e coating on sliding windows and doors, not only will your home be more energy efficient but it'll also provide beautiful natural light.


4. Tax credit incentives

Homeowners who want to be environmentally conscious and save money on their next installation of windows should talk with a contractor about low-e glass. The Energy Star Requirements allow for tax credits, rebates as well monetary incentives!

1. Reduce ultraviolet light

5. Eliminate condensation from windows

Low-E glass windows are a great option for eliminating unsightly condensation marks that form when hot air comes in contact with cool surfaces. As the piece of equipment warms up, moisture forms on its surface and quickly spreads across all frames throughout your home or building - this can lead to rot!
In order avoid such problems by using low emissivity coatings which reduce solar heat gain through walls during warmer months


When it comes to protecting your family from harmful UV rays and reducing costly energy costs, Low-E glass provides you with numerous benefits. Get a free custom quote on how these beautiful doors can be beautifully included in any new build or remodel!