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Low-E Glass

Low-E glass provides incredible energy, sound and safety properties that ensure maximum efficiency, comfort and function.

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ASTM E283 approved and completely weatherproof

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5x stronger than regular glass

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Fully customizable; maximum panel size is 33”W x 110”H

Complete Open Concept

No bulky frames in-between glass panel; zero obstruction to your view.

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Open from the inside or outside. Panels stack on either Right side, Left side, or both.

Stackable Doors

Each panel only takes up 1” per panel when stacked.

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Panels automatically magnetize and lock into position once stacked. 

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Fully secure system with different locking options; can be alarmed.

Flush Bottom Track

Bottom track sits completely flush with both your inside and outside finished flooring; nothing to step or trip over and no uneven surfaces.

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Benefits Of Our System

Added Home Value

Sliding Glass Doors add value by optimizing your open floor plan, enhancing your livable space and expanding your view. Say goodbye to traditional French Doors and hello to an open concept design that exemplifies the “WOW” factor.

Uninterrupted Views

Thanks to our Frameless Sliding Glass Wall System, your sightline line will always be clear, presenting the perfect opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted views with optimal aesthetics, innovation, and performance.

Safe & Secure

Our glass door system is 5X stronger versus regular glass and our system has been rated for over 222 mph of wind. And unlike other single track systems, our panels can't lift from the track, and our sliding glass wall system is made to lock from the inside.

Stacks Efficiently

Frameless glass door take up 1 inch per panel when stacked. Unlike other systems, our glass doors allow for the thinnest stack possible. Never again do you have to install French or swinging sliding doors that only leave you with 40% of your opening accessible.

Natural Ventilation

Customers have the option to open or close as many or as few of the sliding glass panels as they’d like. Fully open, partially open (to create air gaps) or half open

Low-E Glass Technology

Rising energy costs make the decision to upgrade to low-E Sliding Glass Doors critical. We enhance your home or business with Low-E technology via spectrally selective coating, as opposed to traditional clear glazing.

1) Job Site Visit

We’ll meet with you and/or your contractor at the job site to ensure we’re all on the same page. This meeting can be scheduled prior to demolition starting or upon demolition starting.

2) Photos & Measurements

Once the opening(s) have been prepared by your contractor, please email with photos that include:

  • Top left corner
  • Top right corner
  • Bottom channel

After reviewing the photos, we will contact you and schedule a time for us to visit the job site. This appointment will include:

  • Taking exact on-site field measurements
  • Confirming which way the system will open and stack
  • Finalizing color of the tracks and the side jambs
  • Choosing color of the glass.

3) Contract & Deposit Payment

You will receive the Cover Glass USA contract for your review and electronic signature within 24 hours of measuring the opening(s). After signing, our office will email the deposit payment invoice. Payment must be received before we release measurements into fabrication. Additional charges will be made for any modifications after fabrication begins.

4) Track Installation & Glass Measurements

Will will contact you to schedule track and side jamb installation. This installation can take 3-5 hours. After installation, we will take exact laser measurements for the glass panel sizes. It is important that you or your contractor are at the job site upon completion so we can provide a walkthrough of what we completed.

5) Partial Payment Due

Partial payment is due the same day as track installation. A payment invoice will be sent to you.

6) Glass Ordering & Fabrication

Your glass panels will be ordered the day after track installation. Glass will take about 3-4 weeks before it’s ready to install. Due to COVID-19, there may be delays with our glass manufacturers.

7) Glass Installation

Will will contact you to schedule our final visit for glass installation. This installation can take 3-5 hours. It is important that you or your contractor are at the job site upon completion so we can provide a walkthrough of what we completed.

8) Final Payment

Final payment will be due the same day as glass installation. We will send you the final balance invoice

9) Tell Your Friends & Family

Refer your friends and family to Cover Glass USA and be rewarded up to $250 in Visa gift cards!

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See Our Product in Action

CoverGlass USA Visualizer

We’re thrilled to announce the new CoverGlass USA Visualizer, a free, innovative, and interactive new way to envision your projects. Within seconds, you can now see how gorgeous your space will look with frameless glass doors and windows. Ready to try it out for yourself?

lick on “Try it Out” to get started on instantly transforming your space. Or, if you’d like help from our teamof experts to set up your design, select the “Get a Demo” button below and fill out the quick form

After Downloading Product Guide After Downloading Product Guide
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CAD Files for Architects

We know how important planning is when it comes to projects. That is why we want to make it easier for architects to view and customize our products in their plans. Click below to download CAD files and start designing today.

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