Sliding Glass Door Replacement Options

If you are thinking of purchasing a sliding glass door for your home, go ahead and buy it! And if you already have one, you made the right choice. The sliding glass door provides easy and quick accessibility to the outdoors and allows natural air and light to come in.

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But what can you do when it starts showing signs of defect? What are the replacement options available? In this article, we will discuss the replacement options available for outdated or malfunctioning sliding glass doors.

For What Purpose Do You Use Your Sliding Glass Door?

Before you can pick the kind of patio door you want to replace your damaged or outdated sliding glass door with, you need to decide on the purpose the new doors will be used for. Below are several questions we suggest you ask yourself:   

  • How was I previously using my patio doors?
  • Was I maximizing the outdoor space I have?
  • How can I use my future outdoor patio space to my liking?
  • Does this outdoor patio space have a beautiful view that patio doors with larger openings can give access to?
  • Do I need the extra light sliding glass doors offer in this area?

Answering these questions will give you perspective on how you would like to use your new patio doors. Next is the selection of door styles.

Options for Patio Door Style

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With the increased architectural design creativity, many sliding glass door choices are now available! Here are a few popular patio door styles:

  • Bi-fold patio doors – known as accordion or folding style doors
  • Sliding patio doors – known as stacked doors, pocket doors, and multi-slide doors
  • French patio doors – known as hinged doors or swing doors
  • Garage-style patio doors – known as Vertical folding patio doors
  • Guillotine cavity patio doors – known as Vertical sliding doors
  • Corner patio doors
  • Pivot patio doors
  • Dutch or Barn patio doors

Now that you have numerous options, we suggest you look into each patio door style to select the option you like in your home. To know more about each of the patio door styles mentioned above, check out this blog post from

Types of Glass for Your Patio Doors

Tampered glass is considered the most sort after type of glass. It is used to make sliding glass doors more breakage-resistant. Upon impact, the glass breaks into small pieces instead of leaving large chunks of glass inside your home as the usual window panes would.

Reflective glass is used to lessen heat gain into the door’s area, as it can reflect sunlight away. One type of reflective glass common in today’s market is low-emissivity glass with a coating applied to allow your home to remain cool during hot weather. Presently, most windows are made by sealing two pieces of reflective glass with an air space(usually filled gas). Some people call it “dual” or ‘insulating panes.

Our company has taken it further by sealing two pieces of tempered glass and laminating using industrial lamination. This extra process makes the glass five times tougher than customary glass, which makes it capable of handling any weather conditions(hot or cold). For more detailed information about our unique sliding glass door system, kindly click on the link in the paragraph to visit our website.

What is Your Budget?

Some of these glass doors are expensive, so deciding the amount you are willing to spend on a new patio door is crucial. The fantastic thing about changing your patio doors is that, it is an investment. If you are on a budget, try to streamline what features you can let go of and those you can’t.

You also need to consider the amount a good general contractor will charge to manage it or if you can do it yourself. Many patio door companies only produce the product; they don’t install it. A good General Contractor will be crucial if you decide to use a manufacturer that isn’t into installations. Cover Glass USA produces and installs frameless glass door systems in houses. We work one-on-one with your General Contractor to ensure everything fits properly and beautifully.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Patio Door

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Whichever style of patio doors you choose, one of the benefits is the beautiful look. Another benefit is functionality. It allows for efficient use of space and abundant natural light in your office or home.

You will enjoy numerous benefits no matter what system you choose. Our frameless sliding glass door is state-of-the-art. We’re one of the major companies that provide entirely frameless systems, and we are the only one that performs the installation ourselves. It’s all we do! You can trust us as we are experts at what we do.

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