What are the advantages of Folding Glass Doors?

A folding glass door is commonly known as a bi-fold glass door. Folding glass door is a great addition to a home’s design. From exclusive, modern and luxurious designs to more entertainment areas. There are less disadvantages and more benefits to choosing a folding glass door to your home’s design. We have compiled a list of the greatest advantages of folding glass doors.

image of folding glass doors

1. Simple Installation

The folding glass doors can be open outwards or inwards and give full access to the entire frame and glass inside or outside the building. You can install them however you want, depending on space and requirements. You can also open more from the wall because they are fold on one side and only take a small room. Folding glass doors can be install with a variety of finger safety and shockproof features to prevent accidents which is a good idea for homes with. As the doors are fitted on tracks and have several folding points they will stack neatly when opened.

2. Perfect for indoor/outdoor living

Outdoor living spaces are a cost-effective and pleasurable way to make your home feel bigger, without a costly room addition. During warm seasons, exterior folding door systems provide the opportunity to bring the outdoors inside. And create an expansive space for entertainment or relaxation. Folding exterior doors open completely to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. These doors give you the flexibility to extend your living space onto your patio or other outdoor entertainment area.

3. More natural light

With large panels that give the appearance of floor-to-ceiling glass, folding patio doors create a dramatic effect and let in more natural light. If you are looking to create the look of a glass wall then these doors can help you achieve that.

4. Security and safety

These doors extremely secure (as they are using in both residential and commercial construction) and completely weather resistant. A good level of security, despite a lot of windows, and a potential for privacy. the safest patio doors available, especially if they are aluminum. Folding doors should be mounted on completely closed tracks so that intruders cannot gain access by lifting them off the track.

5. Added value

Folding glass doors add an extremely refined look to any home, from modern and contemporary to traditional and vintage. Their look and their easy-to-use sliding/folding technology mean they are an added luxury feature for sellers and buyers. Adding value to the property, many folding doors can create additional space and also have desirable designs.

6. Folding glass doors flexibility

Fold structures are extremely flexible which means you can change them to suit your needs. Whether you want them open all-the-way to allow the sunshine in, or you want to “batten down the hatches” when a storm comes, fold doors are here to accommodate. Folds are effective when it comes to enhancing both small and large homes, which includes bespoke designs to accommodate unconventional layouts. When your doors fold back you can choose to have them fold towards the outside or the inside, helping you to decide on a set-up that matches up to your home

7. Fully openable

They can be fold back, opening almost completely a wall of your patio and garden. It can add stunning factor to your home with smooth indoor and outdoor space. Folding glass doors can provide wide, open access to the outdoors when opened, but they provide an interrupted view when closed. They can replace an entire wall in the house, creating a modern and desirable aesthetic, but take up a lot of room inside and out when opened. They offer a no-threshold solution making them ideal for young children, the elderly and the disabled and a traffic light door can be included for easy access. However, they are expensive but can add great value to a property.