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What Is Title 24 & Do I Need It For My Sliding Glass Doors?

Is Cover Glass USA Title 24 Compliant?

What Is Title 24?

Title 24 is a regulatory code that governs building standards in California. The latest version, Title 24v2 was released on September 15th 2015 and includes many updates to improve efficiency as well as health & safety practices for employees throughout the state!

In addition it has been expanded with new laws regarding energy consumption such now requiring all log homes be upgraded by December 31st 2020 or they will lose their registration which could result into fines up $10k per occurrence unless remedial measures were taken before then...

Title 24 is a key part of the California Building Standards Code. It's not just about energy efficiency, though that has become its most prominent focus as we increasingly live in an era where our planet matters to all living things on it.

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Do I Need To Follow Title 24 Guidlines?

In order to ensure that the state's building codes are being followed and enforced, it is necessary for local governments like yours get involved. State law requires all entities within California have a duty upon themselves which involves making sure they enforce 24 CCR part 2: 2012 Edition - The Building Standards Code as published by the BCCR (Building Standards Commission)

Cover Glass USA has been a leading luxury fenestration product manufacturer in Southern California and we continue to expand. We offer custom aluminum sliding glass walls, windows and doors that promote open concepts in modern homes while meeting stringent Title 24 requirements for energy efficiency - all without sacrificing design features sought after by homeowners today!