What Material Is Best For Patio Doors?

What Material Is Best For Patio Doors?

As a homeowner, you’ve got the option to choose from various materials for your patio doors. The patio doors are available in Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, Fiberglass, and Steel. But it can get overwhelming for you to see all these materials. So how should you choose the one that best fits your needs?

To help you, we have made this quick guide on “what material is best for patio doors?” We’ve also highlighted the pros and cons of each material, so you can decide for yourself!

Steel Material

What Material Is Best For Patio Doors?

The steel is a good weather-friendly material for patio doors. Because it’s kind of heavy in strength, it is considered one of the secure options for a patio door. Of course, there are some pros and cons that you should consider before making the decision.

Pros and cons

As we said before, steel proves to be a secure door material and is also thermally efficient. But if you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal, this wouldn’t be ideal material for you. 

Plus, it’s a little pricey option and isn’t the ideal material for a patio door if your patio is exposed to rain or other water elements as steel gets rusted easily. The cost may add up since you’ll need to repaint it from time to time.

Wood Material

Wood material for patio doors is the best option for the aesthetic appeal. Unlike steel, it comes with various textures and wooden styles that you can choose from. If you prefer a traditional interior, this material would be for you. 

Pros and cons

Like steel, wood material is also an energy-efficient option. However, it’s a pricier option since it’s made of natural wood resources including oak and mahogany.

Besides, it can get warped – which can be a big hassle to operate the door. Generally, wooden patio doors can’t tolerate direct sunlight and other weather effects. They can shrink, losing their texture.

And since you’re looking for the best material for patio doors, this won’t be the ideal option, especially for sliding patio glass doors.

Fiberglass Material

Instead of wood material, you can go for fiberglass if you prefer a wooden-looking traditional door. It mimics the same style and texture as a wood material. But is it worth it, particularly for your patio doors? Read the pros and cons!

Pros and cons

This material is, of course, reasonably priced while giving you the wooden style. But this material lacks the natural wooden touch. Besides, this option is also expensive. 

Another advantage is that fiberglass patio doors don’t warp or swell as wooden doors do. But they can crack and are difficult to repair if you damage them somehow. The damage may sometimes require replacement, which isn’t the best option if you’re looking for durability.

Vinyl Material

Vinyl material is made of plastic and is lightweight compared to fiberglass. Besides, it’s one of the more affordable options than the ones mentioned above. You can also achieve stylish finishes with this material.

It’s best suitable for those homes that are located in mild climates.

Pros and cons

You can customize it to match it with your overall house design. But its colors and styles are available in limited options. And since it’s lightweight, it can crack and break easily with harsh weather effects.  And of course, if it gets damaged, you’d find it difficult to get it repaired.

Though it’s affordable and energy-efficient, it lacks aesthetic appeal, meaning it’s not as stylish.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum material is arguably the best option for patio doors. In appearance, it’s similar to steel. But unlike steel and other materials, it’s a lightweight and affordable option out there.

Pros and cons

Along with its energy-efficient feature, aluminum can fit into various patio door design options. Though lightweight, the patio doors made of aluminum material are durable and secure. You can’t easily break or scratch them.

And unlike other materials mentioned above, aluminum is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about added costs of repair!

Why Aluminum Is The Best Material For Patio Doors?

Sliding Glass Door Framed

Before you make your decision about patio doors, homeowners consider many factors. It can include cost, style, design, energy efficiency, and longevity, among other things.

Because aluminum ticks all these right boxes perfectly, you should look into it for your patio door.

If you’ve sliding patio glass doors in mind, aluminum material should be your choice. You can achieve a clean and smooth frame design with aluminum. The best part is that the frame made with this material won’t warp or get dull over time.

And you’ll get a patio door design made of outstanding quality at a minimal price point.