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By matt@coverglassusa.com / September 23, 2022

Every industry witnessed a whirlwind in 2020, but offices, shops, dining establishments, and real estate have experienced it the most. As health advice and legislation changed throughout the year, many of us changed how we work, buy, and eat. Many offices are vacant or almost so, while other shops and eateries have shut down completely.…

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By matt@coverglassusa.com / September 13, 2022

Various elements influence the value, aesthetics, and visitor experience of commercial venues. Many areas are just on the cusp of becoming contemporary commercial spaces and simply need a few improvements to update the design rather than a complete reconstruction. Making a few little improvements can go a long way toward attracting potential customers and tenants.…

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image of sliding doors

Weatherproofing Sliding Glass Door 

By matt@coverglassusa.com / September 2, 2022

Our doors and windows offer a lovely view of natural sunlight. Weatherproofing sliding glass door beautify your home even more due to their features. However, if your non-weatherproofed sliding glass doors have cracks, they could result in water leakage in your home or office.  In most cases, you would have to repair the damages caused,…

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folding French doors San Diego

Sliding Glass Door Replacement Options

By matt@coverglassusa.com / August 26, 2022

If you are thinking of purchasing a sliding glass door for your home, go ahead and buy it! And if you already have one, you made the right choice. The sliding glass door provides easy and quick accessibility to the outdoors and allows natural air and light to come in. But what can you do…

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image of frameless glass doors opened


By matt@coverglassusa.com / August 19, 2022

Southern California developers face intense competition when they sell their homes to potential homebuyers. And the reason is simple: Most people no longer crave typical homes. They are on the lookout for great homes with breathtaking features. Amazingly, Cover Glass has come to the rescue! As a developer, exterior frameless glass doors are the ideal…

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image of folding doors open

What Is Title 24 & Do I Need It For My Sliding Glass Doors?

By matt@coverglassusa.com / June 29, 2022

What Is Title 24? Title 24 is a regulatory code that governs building standards in California. The latest version, Title 24v2 was released on September 15th 2015 and includes many updates to improve efficiency as well as health & safety practices for employees throughout the state! In addition it has been expanded with new laws…

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Top 5 Things To Know Before Purchasing A Sliding Glass Doors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / June 22, 2022

People have been using sliding glass doors to add more functionality, style and light into any space since they were first invented. With the advancement of frameless sliding glass doors, they are now a modern technological invention that has become an essential part of the home and commercial property.   This versatile piece allows for…

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sliding glass doors over looking ocean

Choosing The Right Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / June 6, 2022

The feeling of awe as you walk through your frameless sliding glass door is one that can’t be matched by any other type or style. The lack of frames allows for more natural light, making your home feel open for all who enter it. With frameless sliding glass doors, you can enjoy the stunning views…

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Use Bifold Doors To Blend Indoors & Outdoors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / May 26, 2022

Bifold doors are perfect for Southern California’s climate and lifestyle for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors, but our hectic schedules often make us spend most of the time indoors. The lure of modern conveniences, television and family time often leaves us feeling domesticated. We are no longer at the top our game in…

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How To Maximize Your Sliding Glass Panels Usage

By matt@coverglassusa.com / May 10, 2022

When you add sliding glass panels to your home, it gives the room an entirely new dimension. You are able not only see what’s outside but also change how much natural light enters into each part of the house for optimal comfort and relaxation! Whatever the weather, these clever panels can be pulled to one…

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