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What Are The Best Bi Fold Doors In 2023?

By matt@coverglassusa.com / January 24, 2023

Bi fold doors have made indoor-outdoor living possible for many homeowners. With an effortless motion of your hand, you can open your home and immerse yourself with the outdoors from the comfort of inside your home.  For most homeowners, however, this system of bi fold doors could be a new concept. That is why we…

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Closed frameless sliding glass doors inside restaurant.


By matt@coverglassusa.com / January 20, 2023

If a customer already has a list of restaurants, chances are they may or may not choose yours. As you already know, restaurant is a highly competitive business. That’s why you will have to give it your all as a business owner to make it successful. So while you may already have a menu with…

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frameless folding doors San Diego

How To Stay Productive While Working From Home In 2023

By matt@coverglassusa.com / January 13, 2023

From going to the office to working from home, the covid-19 pandemic has shifted the way we work. In fact, many companies are changing working policies and letting employees work remotely. One such example is Google’s “work from anywhere” policy. Besides this, many companies are shifting to a hybrid working approach. Though employees seem happy…

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Restaurant with stacked frameless sliding glass doors next to tables.


By matt@coverglassusa.com / January 3, 2023

Believe it or not, the value of your property or a physical store depends on its street appeal. Without street appeal, how will you make your store stand out from competitors? After all, you won’t be the only one selling stuff on the same street. So to stand out from others, you should understand the…

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Sliding Glass Door Framed

8 Ideas for Staycation in Nevada for 2023

By matt@coverglassusa.com / December 23, 2022

Why plan for a faraway destination when you can have an exciting staycation in Nevada? Yes, that’s right! A vacation in your hometown can be just as adventurous. Not only you’ll have fun and much-needed relaxation, but you’ll also stay close to your place. And it all starts right from your home – no hotel…

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image of folding patio doors

6 Ways To Make Your Home More Luxurious In 2022

By matt@coverglassusa.com / December 10, 2022

1. Turn your common kitchen into a lavish kitchen 2. Modernize your bathing space The ultimate bath experience is when you feel like you’re in a spa. And that is something you can achieve at your home by making your bathroom luxurious. To create a luxurious bathroom, try incorporating modern design ideas. 3. Add elegance…

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seamless patio doors San Diego

4 Best Ways to Avoid Water Damage From Window Drainage

By matt@coverglassusa.com / November 19, 2022

It’s essential to ensure your windows and rolling patio doors are in good working condition to keep water from passing through them into the house throughout the South California torrential rains, which run from about the middle of May to the end of November. And it doesn’t matter what season it is; even a small…

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Folding Glass Doors

5 Ways To Incorporate Cover Glass Into Your Next Commercial Project

By matt@coverglassusa.com / October 29, 2022

The brilliance of a large frameless glass door that opens easily to let people into your firm has a certain air of impressiveness about it. Moreover, if you’re installing a new business glass entry door, you might want to think about incorporating Cover Glass into your next commercial project.  A frameless glass front door will…

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5 Ways to Make Any Project Greener Using Eco-Friendly Designs

By matt@coverglassusa.com / October 21, 2022

Eco-friendly designs are no longer merely a trend; they are the standard. The need to design buildings with the future in mind and create more ecologically friendly houses and offices has become critical in light of the present climate change we are witnessing. From an environmental standpoint, eco-friendly designs are beneficial, but there are further…

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folding glass

How To Choose The Right Patio Door for Your Texas Home 

By matt@coverglassusa.com / October 15, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great to have the perfect patio door for your Texas home? The one with the right climate control for hot Texas summers won’t require much effort in winter too. When selecting a patio door for your Texas house, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s crucial to consider your…

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