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Frameless Folding Glass Doors & Windows Guide

image of home with frameless folding door system

The trend of frameless folding glass doors has been in style for a while now, and it is no surprise that people are wondering if they should incorporate these features into their home. There are many benefits to installing this kind of door or window including better natural light and improved insulation from heat waves during summertime months when paired with an exterior wall color closer than what's currently there already!

The Cover Glass USA patented frameless glass door design system looks amazing and is highly functional. Each panel features a translucent, UV-protected weather seal that can be opened or closed with ease as well as anodized aluminum handles for easy lifting of heavy panels in either direction on both sides - making this product perfect if you have limited space!

If you're wondering what the benefits of frameless glass are, this guide will discuss them. It also answers some common questions our clients ask us about their custom window replacement project with an answer from one professional installer who's done it all himself!

Enhance Your Floor Layout

frameless folding glass doors are the answer to all your home's problems. They allow you more flexibility with layout, and can be easily reconfigured on a whim without needing any construction work done - just like an open or closed window!

For example, many homeowners like the idea of having open spaces but sometimes desire to partition a room temporarily for privacy. Frameless glass panels allow you do this easily with their ability to be fully opened up so that your indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly merge one into another; they're also popular among those who want an easy-to-install solution when it comes time patios or backyards will need dividers too!

Thin Stacking Panels

Stacked frameless sliding glass doors.

When you open a Cover Glass panel, it starts from either the left or right. The panels open up individually and stack at 90 degrees to each other with magnets holding them in place perfectly!

Each panel is one inch thick and folds away to allow you to open your doors without any physical barriers or distractions.

Multiple Opening Options

You can also choose how many panels you'd like open or stacked. Here are three popular options:

  • Fully Closed; With a fully closed panel, you’ll have unobstructed views of the outside and an elegant look. Your home will be modern but not too busy with its clutter from other homes on similar lots nearby!
  • Fully Open: By opening all of the panels, you’ve effectively erased a boundary that separates indoors from out. This is great for entertaining or enjoying time with family while moving freely between your kitchen and living room on one side to an outdoor area complete with poolside cabana on another without ever having gone through doors!
  • Partially Open: A window or door panel can serve as an airlock to regulate the temperature in your home. You may also want to install gaps between panels for optimal ventilation, especially if you live near a coastal area where there is always fresh sea breeze!

Superior Design and Style Options

No matter what style you have for your home, frameless glass can be adapted to suit. Frameless glass is the perfect material for a variety of reasons. For one, you can use it in different ways throughout your home since it’s so flexible and adaptable!

  • Frameless glass window systems: With frameless glass window systems, you can have the modernity and elegance of a sleek design in every room.
  • Folding Glass Combination Systems: The folding glass panels that can be configured in many ways, as well as their ability to transform your space quickly and without the need for a supporting wall or post makes them an excellent choice. You'll even find it easy to connect smaller windows with our system!
  • Counter Height Systems: If you want to avoid an extra trip outside of the house, then our counter height systems are perfect. They allow whoever is doing meal prep inside their kitchen window time with others who can be enjoying meals without needing another plate or tray passed back and forth between them.
  • Curved Frameless Glass System: We don’t follow the rules of physics, and that's great because we're always innovating. If you have a curved structure in your home or office building then there is nothing stopping us from creating frameless glass systems for incredible views!

Panel Size

Every panel we make is one-of-a kind, so you can specify your preferred size. We recommend panels between 24" and 33", with heights up to 110".


With Cover Glass, you’ll never have to worry about security. Our frameless glass doors and windows are made for modern living spaces that demand an ultra-modern look without sacrificing their safety features like other companies do with traditional window frames! The new panels come standard with two deadbolts on each panel; this ensures maximum protection against intruders while still maintaining style in your home or office space today.

We also give you the option to add a handle, lock and key system that works outside. We include locks on each panel if needed as well!

Track Color

By default, the tracks are recessed and won't be making an above-ground appearance (which can cause annoyance to passersby). You will still see them flush with your floor so you'll definitely want their design aesthetic to match yours.

Cover Glass tracks are available in four standard colors:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Bronze
  4. Silver/Aluminum

 We can also custom match a color if you would like something different!


Glass Color

Sunlight can be harsh on your skin and furniture. To help protect you from UV rays, we offer a variety of glass tints that will keep the sun’s heat at bay while also providing privacy views to enjoy all day long!

-   Clear

-   Light gray

-   Light bronze

-   Light blue

-   Green

-   Reflective bronze

In addition to choosing the color of your glass, we can also have a custom graphic etched onto it. If you're thinking of including an image in its design like seascapes or business logos then this is perfect for you! 

Unparalleled Safety and Security

Photo of glass door locking hardware

Some people might think that the traditional framed system is too vulnerable to theft, but our tempered laminated low-e glass is not a delicate glass. We also thought about everything when making our security measures; they're second-to-none in terms of safety!

Top Hung System

With our top-hung frameless glass sliding door track system, you can be sure that your home will stay cool and dry. The upper rail houses the roller mechanisms which are both stable and durable in design to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

Our top-hinged doors are customizable and can’t be lifted out of their track. This is an added security benefit that makes your home much more difficult for a burglar or attacker to break into!

Internal locking hardware

You’ll be able to enjoy a seamless, distraction-free experience with this internal door hardware. The top and bottom deadbolt locks are housed in one panel for an elegant look that will never distract from your endless views of the world around you!

Glass Strength

Tempered glass is five times stronger than traditional, and it'll never break no matter how hard you hit them. Our frameless folding glass doors are made of this durable material - so your home's safety remains guaranteed with us in mind!

Alarm System Compatible

The right security system is a key component to any home. And, of course, Cover Glass USA’s frameless door and window systems will be compatible with alarm systems.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Frameless glass doors and windows are a great way to create an inviting atmosphere in your home. Not only do they give any space instant appeal, but these custom designed products also come with many practical benefits such as protection against temperature changes or vandalism that can be particularly harmful for older adults who may live on their own without constant attention from family members

Entirely Frameless For A Sleek, Clean Look

There's a reason why frameless windows are the most popular choice for homes today. Once you go frameless, your home will be transformed into something truly special - with more natural lighting and increased sense of space that is impossible to find in traditional framed window designs. You can easily enjoy views from any area inside or outside without having anything blocking what was once open territory!

Complete Customization for Doors and Windows

You can take your pick from a wide variety of customizations when it comes to frameless glass door or window solutions. You might choose just one, all the windows in your home-or something between!

Designing the perfect window for your space is our job. You can choose from a variety of panel sizes and colors, as well as locking mechanisms that will suit you perfectly in terms of size with how much glass you need or even whether it should curve at all!

Open Concept Living

Open concept living is a trend that has been on the rise for quite some time. Open layouts provide people with ease and convenience, as they have all of their necessities in one room instead dividing up space into separate areas like before where you would need to go out from your bedroom just because there was nowhere else left inside or outside!

Adding frameless glass windows and doors is a great way to give your home the sense of spaciousness without sacrificing any privacy or light.

Mirroring this style, you can also close off these spaces as needed by choosing from many different wall dividers that will match whatever decorating scheme suits best for each room in question

The open concept living trend is one that merges indoor and outdoor space. This allows you to enjoy your backyard, deck or patio as if it were part of the house itself! Our frameless sliding door system does this by eliminating barriers between these two environments while creating an inviting atmosphere in every square inch. 

Trustworthy Installation

When you work with us, we guarantee that there will be no surprises or quality issues. You can rest assured knowing all of your projects are in good hands because our team has years experience doing just the jobs they have planned for them! We’re one of the few if not the only frameless sliding glass door system that does the manufacturing and installation all in house. 

Weatherproof Glass Panels

You can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from the elements. Our cover glass systems are designed and engineered to withstand winds of 222 miles per hour, we use a series of protectants in order not have water seep through any windows or doors you may have installed on them as well as making sure there's an extra tight seal with our locks which means no more worries about rain coming into even if it seems like everything else around us has failed!

Low-E Glass Doors

The sun is a powerful thing, and its harmful rays can cause many problems. UV light in particular not only penetrates deep into homes through traditional glass windows but also causes furniture pieces to fade over time as well! Fortunately there's an answer- Low E Glass provides protection against both high temperatures caused by heat waves or cold fronts (which are more likely during winter) which helps reduce energy bills for your family’s home while still providing visibility out onto the world beyond.

Want to learn how Low-E Glass works? Click Here

Reflective Glass

The most important thing to consider when buying frameless glass doors and windows? You need a place that has plenty of privacy. Unless you live in an isolated area, there will probably be people around!

If you want to keep the outside world from seeing what's going on in your home, our reflective glass is a great option for reducing glare and keeping privacy.

Reflective glass also works to bounce off radiant heat. That's because it reflects the sun's rays and keeps your home cool!

Optimal Energy Efficiency

The three-layer construction of our windows is designed to keep your home more energy efficient. We use low-E technology and UV protection in order for you to save on costs, while also meeting California Title 24 standards!

Title 24 is a part of California’s building code that has to do with requirements for new construction and remodeling projects. It aims not only ensure homes are energy efficient, but also environmentally friendly so as they can help save on your budget while preserving the environment!

Protection from High Temperatures

Having too much glass or the wrong type of glass in your home can increase the temperature by up to 75% if installed without a system. The sun’s heat enters through standard windows, raising room temperatures and increasing bills for homeowners with electric heating systems during summer months.

Cover Glass frameless doors and windows avoid this side effect by utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovative design principles: 

  • Thermal Stress: Tempered glass is the best way to protect your investment, regardless of how large or small it may be. It will never crack due thermal stress and you can feel confident knowing that any panel larger than an inch has been protected by Cover Glass!
  • Bright Sunlight: We know it can be hard to find the right balance of natural light in your home and glare. With our glass, you won't experience an oven-like feeling with harsh reflections on shiny surfaces while also blocking UV rays that could damage furniture or electronics.

Wind and Waterproof

There are a number of factors you need to consider when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. One thing that may not immediately spring into mind is sliding glass doors, but these can make all the difference in keeping water and wind out during stormy weather conditions as well as reducing noise levels. Let’s see how Cover Glass protects your home from these elements: 

  • Interlocking channels: This means each panel interlocks with the next one over to create a weatherproof seal. 
  • Sealed Tracks: Windows and doors can be a disaster for your home when it comes to water intrusion. We seal our doors before installation, so you don't have that problem!
  • Track Drains: In the case where water will make its way on your system, we’ve engineered it to drain properly to avoid any damages

Increased Property Value

Making the investment in custom frameless glass doors and windows is one of the smartest home improvements you can make for your property. Not only does this sleek, modern design add instant curb appeal with its natural light and comfortable temperatures but buyers are likely to respond positively too!

With the indoor/outdoor living trend continuing and showing no sign of disappearing, a home with this feature can command higher prices. You also benefit by enjoying these upgrades until you're ready to sell your house as they are universal so buyers don't have an issue finding color schemes that appeal them in future homes like they may with other designs projects or remodeling jobs.

Another frameless glass option to increase property value is a popular design that gives bathrooms an updated look as well as being functional for seniors. A curbless shower can be useful in this demographic and could even boost your home's worth up by 2%.