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Top 5 Things To Know Before Purchasing A Sliding Glass Doors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / June 22, 2022

People have been using sliding glass doors to add more functionality, style and light into any space since they were first invented. With the advancement of frameless sliding glass doors, they are now a modern technological invention that has become an essential part of the home and commercial property.   This versatile piece allows for…

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sliding glass doors over looking ocean

Choosing The Right Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / June 6, 2022

The feeling of awe as you walk through your frameless sliding glass door is one that can’t be matched by any other type or style. The lack of frames allows for more natural light, making your home feel open for all who enter it. With frameless sliding glass doors, you can enjoy the stunning views…

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Use Bifold Doors To Blend Indoors & Outdoors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / May 26, 2022

Bifold doors are perfect for Southern California’s climate and lifestyle for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors, but our hectic schedules often make us spend most of the time indoors. The lure of modern conveniences, television and family time often leaves us feeling domesticated. We are no longer at the top our game in…

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How To Maximize Your Sliding Glass Panels Usage

By matt@coverglassusa.com / May 10, 2022

When you add sliding glass panels to your home, it gives the room an entirely new dimension. You are able not only see what’s outside but also change how much natural light enters into each part of the house for optimal comfort and relaxation! Whatever the weather, these clever panels can be pulled to one…

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image of frameless glass


By matt@coverglassusa.com / April 29, 2022

The evolution of glass has been an exciting journey with many improvements to keep up-to date architects satisfied. One such improvement is Low E, which offers diverse benefits for building owners and designers alike! What Is Low-E Glass? Low-E is a new, revolutionary material that reduces the penetration of UV and IR light while allowing…

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image of frameless glass doors opened


By matt@coverglassusa.com / April 21, 2022

In Southern California, developers aiming to sell their projects to the elite  homebuyers face strong competition. The days of demanding identical results are long gone. Homes with distinct features are more desirable to own in today’s world. It’s all about standing out from the Jones’. Cover Glass comes in right here. Our external frameless doors…

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image of bedroom with frameless sliding glass doors


By matt@coverglassusa.com / April 13, 2022

Frameless glass is a good feature for any home for many reasons. It adds style and flavor to any room you install it in. Our frameless glass panels can be utilized in all the rooms of your home. Now, Cover Glass USA allows us all to be stylish homeowners. There are different ways to use…

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image of living room with frameless sliding glass doors


By matt@coverglassusa.com / April 6, 2022

If you’re looking to modernize your home while beautifying your space, choosing the right windows and doors can play a crucial role in accomplishing this goal.. Cover Glass USA presents six reasons why our frameless windows and doors are better than traditional ones when it comes to upgrading your home.  ADVANTAGES TO COVER GLASS FRAMELESS WINDOWS AND…

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Photo of glass door locking hardware

Guide To Buying The Safest Patio Doors

By matt@coverglassusa.com / March 31, 2022

A popular saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” And this is not far from the truth. Home is usually that one place where your loved ones and the people you care about live and where most of your precious items can be found.  Any homeowner’s primary priority is to keep them safe and…

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image of patio doors completely opened

The Different Style Options for Patio Doors In 2022

By matt@coverglassusa.com / March 24, 2022

Patio doors are an excellent way to add light and fresh air to your home. They are an excellent method to bring the outdoors into without incurring the expense of a conservatory or extension. Why Do You Need Patio Doors? The right patio doors can increase your home’s appearance, security, and value, but they can…

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